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The healthcare sector has come a long way and there is still a need for progress. Even though technological advancements continue to lead to newer and better cures and treatments, personalized healthcare has yet to reach its full potential. As a leading molecular diagnostic company, SkylineDx combines academic insights with medical research to design products that transform patient care.

SkylineDx serves to make a difference in the molecular diagnostic field. It believes in improving patients’ quality of life through data and insights. Healthcare providers require the latest, up-to-date, upgraded diagnostic tools to deliver better results. The company applies novel methods like machine learning in data analytics, multi-omics, and local clinical pathways to gauge the healthcare ecosystem’s current status. SkylineDx continuously works with experts with specific experiences and backgrounds and partners with professionals to create an organized, connected, and agile healthcare model.

The molecular genomics landscape faces various challenges that slow down its potential. Stakeholders encounter roadblocks that hinder their ability to reform the sector. Personalized medicine should be the objective, but the means to achieve it are limited. Despite academic research building a space for disease detection and health monitoring, translational innovation gaps hinder its development, validation, adoption, and accreditation. Every patient requires personalized healthcare services, and SkylineDx designed a customized business model to improve diagnostic test development globally. They are the first company to develop and launch a predictive test for skin cancer that incorporates molecular biological information with patient and tumor characteristics to come to a personalized risk score.

SkylineDx has spent years trying to make medical devices accessible by shifting from bench to bedside. Only when patients have access to these devices can healthcare providers successfully work with them. Since every patient is unique, their recovery depends on personalized and optimized care pathways. Multiple myeloma and Kawasaki disease are complicated disease and until now there has been limited progress to allow for personalized treatment paths based on biological information. SkylineDx committed the last years to work in strong international academic networks on diagnostic advancements. The dedicated team of experts in the company is making great progress for both disease areas.

Physicians require the right diagnostic tools and clinical data to evaluate patient health, educate them and spread awareness. SkylineDx strives to bring personalized value-based care pathways to patients. As the number of cancer diagnoses skyrockets, so does the pressure on healthcare resources, providers, caregivers, and specialists to find a suitable cure as soon as possible. With this in mind, SkylineDx emphasizes applying resources to maximize healthcare gains.

SkylineDx focuses on making individual care more accessible while following guidelines and protocols. It ensures patients and providers understand the appropriate use of diagnostic tools by promoting clinical studies and medical education. SkylineDx builds a robust business model that optimizes and strengthens the usage and benefits of diagnostic software and develops patient-centric diagnostic approaches. The molecular diagnostic company invests in intensive work to accelerate clinical development and the infrastructure of biomarkers development.

Our values are very important to us. The development of our tests and the commitment to patients and our partners are all based on integrity. We are responsible for the clinical development and the data supporting the value proposition of our tests,” said Dharminder Chahal, CEO of SkylineDx.

The core values of SkylineDx entail making a difference by improving a patient’s quality of life. SkylineDx’s mission is to enable and empower patients to benefit from personal insights at the genomic level of their disease, which is why the leading molecular diagnostic company constantly finds unique innovations to reform the world of gene signature-based diagnostic testing.

With its team of experts and academic research partners, SkylineDx has screened and evaluated 300 publications on biomarkers before finding an opportunity full of potential that allowed the company to convert it into a test. Despite its academic network unlocking different promising opportunities for precision medicine, it continues to research and experiment instead of licensing every result. Previously, SkylineDx’s solutions were limited to early phases and were not formed enough for larger companies to permit. However, SkylineDx now believes in long-term goals and wants to deliver favorable results through risks and unleash a biomarker’s full potential. Its R&D programs regularly study gene signatures, design new technologies, research diseases, and improve global healthcare systems.

SkylineDx’s skin cancer test, Merlin, tests and analyses the patient health by using biological data, insights, AI, and analytics to generate accurate reports. Medicare, a renowned healthcare authority, recognized SkylineDx’s studies and data before the company officially launched the Merlin diagnostic test for skin cancer in the US. With this coverage and stamps of approval, SkylineDx’s team of collaborators worked even more diligently to accelerate the validity and development of this test during the pandemic.

Melanoma is a severe type of skin cancer. SkylineDx’s extensive collaboration program, Falcon R&D Program, aims to conduct thorough research to advance melanoma’s detection, causes, and treatment. Named after the falcon bird, this program is dedicated to unveiling new and detailed insights into melanoma’s genomic, biological, and clinical nature. The Falcon R&D Program comprises a series of specific studies and projects to develop and introduce various diagnostic utilities. The Falcon-developed diagnostic tools will help physicians optimize their patients’ clinical pathways.

With its Hematology Program for Multiple Myeloma, SkylineDx improved the accuracy of the prognosis of blood cancer. The company’s lead product MMprofilerTM, with the SKY92 biomarker, is a clinical test that helps physicians study multiple myeloma. It measures the activity of 92 cancer genes and generates reliable results to determine a patient’s prognosis. SkylineDx aims to make MMprofilerTM with SKY92 accessible worldwide, starting with making it available as a CE-IVD kit in Europe and as a CLIA-validated Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) in the United States.

SkylineDx’s STRIX Program is focused on new biomarker discoveries. SkylineDx uses the STRIX program to discover new partner and research opportunities for personalized diagnostics.

When combined, academic findings and diagnostic tools can transform the healthcare industry—SkylineDx is proof of that. The company aims to find personalized treatment pathways for a diversity of diseases across the globe.