Smokeball – Legal Case & Law Practice Management Software for Attorneys

Smokeball is a comprehensive legal case management software built primarily for attorneys at law firms to make all case-related processes easier to manage and organize. The company was founded by industry leaders with over 20 years of experience producing cutting-edge legal technology. The leadership is constantly working to create a company, culture, and a team that has a deep passion for the law and is driven by the passion for helping even small legal firms succeed. Over half of the Smokeball team has worked in or been involved with small legal firms. It is a rapidly expanding corporation with headquarters in Sydney, Australia, and Chicago, Illinois.

Smokeball enables the customer to manage all functions with its collaborative case management software. With a single click in document automation, the user can personalize regularly used forms, retrieve up-to-date local forms from Smokeball’s collection of 20,000+ court documents, and track billable hours across programs, bills, and e-file. Everything is in one convenient location. Smokeball also has a chat function that allows lawyers to effortlessly communicate with coworkers and employees via its integrated messaging app.

Lawyers have relied on typewriters and telephones to conduct most of their work since the mid-twentieth century. The technology used by other sorts of businesses was roughly the same as that of law firms. In the early 1950s, however, law firms started realizing the benefits of using case management software (CMS) to boost their productivity and efficiency. Law firms that use Smokeball’s automatic time tracking tool have reported an average boost of 34% in profitability. Thousands of law firms worldwide have chosen Smokeball as the No. 1 Legal Case Management Software on G2 in 2022.

“In all honesty, we have only just started! That’s what makes us all so excited. If I were to pick one area we are looking at for big advancements over the next 12 months it is around the exciting convergence of smart legal workflow and secure messaging and communication,” says Hunter Steele, CEO of Smokeball.

When the pandemic started, lawyers were unsure how to work from home. Thanks to Smokeball’s cloud-based technology, lawyers could convert to working from home seamlessly. Smokeball’s capabilities, such as file notes, memoranda, timelines, phone messages, email tracking, and activity tracking, made it easier for many staff members to collaborate on a file even if they were not physically there.

Smokeball has an integrated automatic time plus activity tracking feature. It is the only legal practice management software that automatically tracks a lawyer’s time and activities. Whether reading and responding to emails, dealing with clients, or simply producing documents, Smokeball keeps track of every minute the user spends using the software. For each topic, the facts are instantly converted into invoicing, saving time and energy that goes into recalling such details later on. Smokeball’s automatic lawyer time monitoring software reveals value by issue, practice area, and even employee, regardless of whether a lawyer bills hourly, at a flat fee, or on contingency.

Smokeball’s firm insight reports enable clients to view their firm’s health with a single click. The firm insights provide the intelligence required to proactively develop the company’s health while allowing lawyers to focus better on the real issues of their clients. Smokeball’s law firm profitability data displays the topics that create high ROI and those that don’t.

Smokeball ensures that the firm’s most frequently used documents and forms are automatically filled out. Smokeball’s legal document automation software saves hours of typing and retyping, thanks to the most outstanding Microsoft Word interface on the market. This software includes almost 20,000 legal forms. To keep the practice up to date, the Smokeball team is constantly scanning all areas of law in practically every federal, state, and county jurisdiction. Its automatic legal forms library saves time and produces error-free papers that lawyers can easily fill out with client and case information in seconds.

Smokeball’s skilled team, including lawyers, engineers, and businesspeople, has over 20 years of legal technology experience. Furthermore, more than half of the personnel are experienced lawyers and legal professionals. Smokeball’s specialized Account Management team offers software, step-by-step onboarding, unlimited software support, frequent business reviews, and training on new feature releases. Users benefit from Smokeball’s assistance and support for lasting success from the very first day.

Smokeball’s integrated law firm billing solution generates professional bills automatically depending on the user’s activity inside each matter, even when switching between cases. It also interacts with LawPay credit card processing, allowing the user to spend more time making money and less time chasing it. The robust integration of Smokeball with QuickBooks Online completes the legal firm’s billing suite. These integrated billing and timekeeping features boost profitability by leaps and bounds.

Smokeball’s industry-leading Microsoft Word and Office integrations empower businesses to streamline their small legal firms. Smokeball facilitates document generation, email saving, and management automation while minimizing daily workflow disturbances.

One of the most appealing aspects of Smokeball is its online and offline accessibility. The software’s hybrid structure of local installation and cloud-based storage ensures secure data access. Whether the user is handling matters on the go using Smokeball’s lawyer mobile app or is stuck in a courtroom with a poor internet connection, they will always have the matter, case facts, and documents they require at their fingertips.

Smokeball’s objective is to assist law firms in improving customer service by keeping their clients informed of key activities on their issues as the case develops in Smokeball without the need to constantly remember to update the client with another email or phone call manually.

One of the core values at Smokeball is that the company believes in constant improvement based on clients’ feedback. This feedback allows Smokeball to build and upgrade the software through the eyes of those using it, not just through the eyes of the technology itself. Smokeball is the most excellent solution for tens of thousands of solo practitioners and small, medium, and enterprise-sized law firms worldwide, ready to leverage the power of technology to make day-to-day business operations more straightforward and faster. It’s a simple yet effective piece of software for the modern lawyer.