SnapLogic – iPaaS Solution for the Enterprise

It is impossible to picture a world without data. Regardless of the industry or company size, data governs every operation, whether internal or external. However, despite data being integral to businesses, companies find data harnessing and utilization challenging. As a top data integration company, SnapLogic is the face of digital reformation. The company provides innovative solutions and technologies to companies to build a dynamic and seamless data culture.

Given the magnitude and volume of incoming data, organizations require a single solution to automate data quickly and securely while increasing scalability—this is where SnapLogic enters. SnapLogic provides data tools based on function (human resources, IT, sales, marketing, and finances), solution (enterprise automation, cloud data warehouse, modernization, and Informatica replacement), popular workflow (employee onboarding, quote-to-cash, and invoice processing), and industry (manufacturing, retail, and financial services).

SnapLogic is at the forefront of Application Integration. SnapLogic replaces manual integration with its no-code/low-code iPaaS platform, which includes hundreds of Snaps (pre-built connectors) that govern applications, allowing organizations to control and control application sprawl. iPaaS automates business processes, preventing exhaustion and burnout, and accelerates project completion with proven strategies and monitoring AI.

With its Data Integration and Automation technologies, SnapLogic mobilizes data to the cloud with visual ETL or ELT, or reverse ETL to transfer data to applications. This scalable and versatile data integration solution empowers organizations to connect and load data from on-premises or cloud-powered platforms. Using ETL or ELT data load patterns allows users to store data in a cloud data warehouse and connect applications with reverse ETL to eliminate data silos and reduce overhead integration charges.

At a metadata level, we’re informed in real-time by our users’ successes and challenges. Our cloud platform allows us to learn what works best for them and identify where there might be difficulties,” said Gaurav Dhillon, CEO of SnapLogic Inc.

The Data Integration and Automation solution introduces graphical ‘drag-and-snap,’ an AI-driven data pipeline design assistant. This tool, called Iris, uses AI to automate repetitive, low-level development projects, thus eliminating data application integration backlogs that slow down operations. This industry-first technology applies machine learning to enterprise integration, changing cloud structure and analytics.

Iris uses advanced algorithms to study millions of metadata elements and billions of datasets through the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform. The AI tool then uses the results to increase integration speed and quality across data, applications, and businesses. SnapLogic’s Data Integration solution also delivers API-run data services from data platforms and shares data within the organization through an integrated API development and management (APIM) platform.

SnapLogic follows a customer-centric approach and empowers its clients with API Management and Development solutions. These tools allow companies to create, manage, and secure APIs within a few clicks, unleashing the potential of their microservices and data to their customers. This solution secures and governs APIs, enables API discovery, and displays performance analytics by providing insights into APIs to ensure compliance, reliability, and availability.

With its AutoSync tool, SnapLogic synchronizes data 20 times faster through parallel processing. AutoSync accelerates the data integration time, increasing agility and performance. Since a proven, cloud-native platform supports this tool, it delivers automated data ingestion from SaaS applications into cloud data warehouses.

AutoSync synchronizes data in three steps. The first stage is choosing the data source by collecting data from popular business applications, providing access across the organization, and unlocking data for quick analysis. The second step entails loading into popular cloud data warehouses and choosing the target point to leverage cloud data warehouse features and generate immediate results through informed decisions. Finally, companies can schedule their frequency and execute data as often as one minute by automating the data loading process.

SnapLogic helps companies worldwide manage their data integration processes. Reece, a SnapLogic client, moved from single-core systems to modern applications to increase efficiency and boost performance. However, the modern applications were incompatible, resulting in locked data and inaccurate business insights.

Reece approached SnapLogic for better system integration. Upon monitoring Reece’s applications, SnapLogic connected disparate systems for a single source of truth with scalable and easy-to-use data integration solutions, resulting in two times faster implementation and a 50% reduction in the integration time.