Sorted – Delivery experience and management platform

Given the current shipment climate, the entire process determines consumer feedback, from fast ordering to proper shipment to safe and timely delivery. As one of the fastest-growing shipping companies, Sorted understands the need for a stellar pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase experience.

Regardless of size or industry, retailers and brands require fast and efficient technology to deliver goods and monitor the entire performance. Sorted empowers its clients with tools and solutions that ensure a five-star delivery, optimum customer satisfaction, and effortless shipping, tracking, and delivery. Sorted develops products that enable a seamless checkout, strengthening shopper connections, and engagements and boosting sales and loyalty.

Various challenges affect the present shipment and logistics industry, such as damaged items, rising shipping costs, domestic and international regulations, natural disasters, and hazardous goods. Sorted designs unique and innovative solutions that accommodate and overcome these obstacles.

Sorted provides services that enhance digital and brand engagements to boost sales and reduce WISMO. The company’s solutions deliver exceptional cloud delivery and carrier performance, attract new customers, and integrate multiple connection points. Sorted also reduces order cancellation, helping its clients decrease their order-to-contact ratio.

Our ultimate goal is to create a truly end-to-end ‘Delivery Experience Platform’ that will enable us to scale in the UK, internationally, and in new revenue markets and significantly distance ourselves beyond the competition,” said Carmen Carey, CEO of Sorted

Sorted’s Delivery Experience Platform is an all-rounder application that covers every aspect of the shipment procedure. The platform’s ‘Ship’ feature integrates multiple carrier services simultaneously. This tool allows customers to pick suitable delivery options and flexible shipments, set automatic allocation guidelines, and track the delivery journey.

The management dashboard aligns all carrier services on a single centralized platform that manages shipments from the order stage to delivery. Sorted ensures its clients meet customer expectations by providing scaling and quicker delivery routes. The dashboard automatically designs and organizes shipments, displays the tracking progress, and filters data.

Additionally, Sorted allows its clients to offer their consumers personalized delivery options. Customers can optimize their online checkout and control timed slots, click and collection time, or PUDO. Furthermore, the app also supports embedded delivery options during online checkouts through API, which makes the process more comfortable for IT teams.

The shipping feature enables shipping from multiple locations, such as warehouses, stores, or dropship areas. Multiple-location shipping simplifies single-customer orders. In addition, the app sets the lowest possible rates for each delivery per the shipping guidelines. It studies cost data analysis and insights to prepare carrier settlements and support invoice management.

With its tracking engine, Sorted merges delivery and return information on a single hub. Tracking information provides transparency, increasing customer trust and satisfaction. Sorted allows its clients to keep their customers in the app, boosting consumer engagement. The branded tracking page displays a tracking timeline, synchronizing information across multiple devices. Retailers and brands can customize the tracking page without coding, with delivery updates and alerts for new products to fit their brand image.

Sorted provides a language option for its clients and customers to choose their preferred language. Regardless of the carrier, companies and customers can interact and track the delivery performance in a common language to avoid miscommunication or confusion. Sorted also enables its clients to send SMS alerts to personalize the delivery experience.

Finally, with its return feature, brands can create return windows, approve returns, monitor tracking progress, and receive real-time data. This tool lets customers file for item refunds and exchanges through a branded portal and personalized communications. The return application provides a seamless and cost-efficient return process, making it easy for customers to re-order.

With over a decade of experience, the Manchester-located company has assisted various companies and industries with their shipping experience. In one such instance, Wincanton, a leading British supply chain provider, wanted to grow its tech offering. The company required advanced technology to improve its carrier management and develop a customer-centric post-purchase solution.

To expand its delivery management system and solidify the final mile tech roadmap, Wincanton used Sorted’s platform for shipping and tracking solutions. The shipping application offered customized delivery options to increase basket rates and acquisition. It provided access to various carriers on a centralized hub, saving cost and time. With the tracking solution, Wincanton could automate tracking and post-purchase performance to boost brand interactions and support CSAT and NPS.