Sovos – Tax Compliance & Regulatory Reporting Software

Meeting mandatory regulatory standards and being compliant with all local laws and standards is essential for organizations to operate their business without fear of financial penalty or damage to the company’s reputation. As a business operating across locations and borders in today’s digital environments, there are a couple of options you can consider to ensure that you are meeting your compliance obligations in every transaction. First, you can build a customized  solution, which you will need to dedicate resources to operationalizing and maintaining, or you can choose to implement an end-to-end solution that provides the regulatory expertise and technological capability of managing your compliance needs on a global basis. Sovos offers solutions and services that reduce complex processes by providing global coverage through a centralized integration.

Sovos follows a customer-centric approach. A leading SAP solution provider, Sovos creates end-to-end solutions to build portfolios and ensure its clients satisfy all government-mandated obligations, regardless of business size and industry.

Today’s tax compliance technology landscape encounters various challenges that hinder its growth. With real-time updates, complete coverage, and reporting tools, Sovos combats those challenges and provides better transparency. Its end-to-end methodology helps businesses spend their resources on priority tasks, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

Digital reporting is one of the primary factors affecting tax compliance technology, as its requirements are shifting from periodic reporting to real-time updates to tax authorities. Real-time reporting requires businesses to change their data collection, analysis, and communication processes. Sovos provides these companies with the latest and government-approved software that meets technological demands and regulatory compliance across all operational locations.

Secondly, large, multi-national enterprises have different demands that vary across different countries, regions and markets. They require strategic integrated solutions to ensure ongoing compliance and avoid costly audits and potential fines. . As the only provider with global expertise, Sovos connects knowledge and market trends to transactions, simplifying management at every step.

The next problem that companies face is government involvement. Governments are increasingly setting up their presence in supply chains by changing clearing schemes, which prompts businesses to change their manufacturing, distribution, and service processes. Digitized government agencies are altering business operations, transactions, and information reports. Sovos offers its clients tools and solutions that customize new compliance needs.

Finally, businesses can deploy a centralized solution that handles all compliance needs across markets and locations or implement multiple local solutions targeting specific problems. However, the latter has proven harder to manage, as reconciling a single view of your compliance posture has proven unmanageable. Sovos, with its globally applicable integrated solutions, helps businesses implement a single solution for dealing with compliance needs, regardless of geography and markets.

As periodic reporting and transactional compliance initiatives continue to merge, our products are aggressively moving to be ahead of the mandates and provide the most comprehensive suite of compliance solutions for our clients,” said Eric Lefebvre, Chief Technology Officer of Sovos.

Sovos believes in transforming the modern tax software sphere. Sovos’ modern system architecture enables scalability and improves infrastructure. It future-proofs investments and speeds up the response time to keep up with changing regulatory requirements. Sovos ensures that its solutions allow flexible and systemic scaling to meet peak transaction volumes, helping firms run their businesses comfortably. The company uses its global technology and regulatory expertise to predict potential regulation changes and create solutions that fit them.

With its security first approach to services and solutions, Sovos protects its client’s data while complying with data privacy requirements. Client information is sensitive and confidential and at constant risk of falling prey to cyber threats. Sovos prevents unauthorized access to private data by implementing best-in-class security measures.

Flexible integration and a positive user experience are essential for sustainability. Sovos’ SAP integration allows clients and integrators to embed compliance solutions elastically while enjoying exceptional user experience and reducing training requirements. Sovos’ software facilitates change management and makes compliance less complex, allowing them to prioritize resource allocation.

Sovos’ business and auditability processes help clients and industries implement compliant and adaptable solutions worldwide. It ensures that every firm auditing transaction happens successfully and is compatible with all business objectives. Sovos’ local best practices and  subject matter experts provide economic assistance where needed. They offer clients local subject insights into different markets undergoing compliance changes multiple times. Sovos ensures its clients gain complete knowledge and awareness for the best possible outcomes and making informed decisions.

Sovos supports extraction and complete transaction lifecycle management with an end-to-end certified SAP solution. Its compliance solutions enable e-invoicing and periodic reporting and provide live solutions at scale in North America, Latin America, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific Region through global coverage. Sovos offers native common integrations to government tax authorities, whether ECC or S4 or cloud or on-premises.

Due to frequently evolving government-mandated regulations and a need for greater awareness, companies can’t afford to view compliance as a check-box solution. Meeting new rules and laws is necessary to prevent costly audits, penalties, damage to reputation, and business disruptions. Sovos empowers its clients with expertise regarding compliance changes, equipping them with knowledge about different geographical and industry-specific market requirements. Sovos helps companies navigate complex mandates and protects their data.

To run successful businesses, companies need to know that compliance is not a departmental issue but a business issue. If neglected, it can affect the entire business pyramid. Sovos unites all departments, such as tax, IT, and finance, to map system strategies together. Business process changes affect technology ownership of an ERP system, leading to missed compliance requirements. Sovos’ consultative approach studies global implementations to build a solid end state that meets regulatory changes.

Sovos is always ahead of the market with certified solutions. It begins certifying with multiple tax authorities for voluntary reporting or forthcoming mandates in advance for the following year. The SAP solution provider actively trains its clients in preparing for new changes, maximizing the room to make last-minute adjustments according to compliance changes.

Sovos also actively communicates with government authorities to understand the scope and shape of compliance evolution. Its strategic compliance experts receive input and guidance regarding proposed new mandates and programs from tax authorities. In addition to consulting government figures, Sovos helps develop new standards to ensure that new rules are efficiently and reasonably manageable.

For SCJ, a Global Consumer Goods manufacturer, Sovos’ services helped them manage regulatory compliance in nine countries across North America, Latin America, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific. For VWR, a global Life Sciences Provider, Sovos provided periodic reporting, including SAF-T, across 25 countries and 4 EMEA countries through CTC e-invoicing.

Additionally, for Royal Philips, a global Medical Equipment manufacturer, Sovos consolidated over a hundred custom legacy systems requiring the replacement of on-premises businesses to government platforms. Upon implementation, The client experienced an 80% reduction in maintenance costs and a 25% improvement in workplace productivity.