Square 9 Softworks – Business Document Management Software , ECM Software

Square 9 Softworks prides itself on providing companies with the ultimate document management system. A competent document management system is essential for companies to organize all their files and data in one location. It is the key to a unified source of a company’s important documents, with increased accuracy, and 24/7 access to a user’s documents from anywhere. It is one of the most important systems an organization can implement in this digital era.

Square 9 Softworks’s software assists businesses in converting paper-based documents into digital data that they can subsequently share and manage more efficiently. It offers a full platform of document management solutions to its clients, allowing them to capture, extract, categorize, and transform information from their papers into useable data. Square 9 Softworks believes in working smarter and faster, with increased productivity, regardless of employees working remotely or in the office space.

What began in a modest coffee shop in New Haven’s 9th Square District has now grown into a full-fledged organization developing solutions that enable businesses to reach their full potential simply by providing a streamlined flow of document-driven data.

By changing the way business is done, Square 9 Softworks aspires to transform the way consumers interact with business information. It intends to be the most innovative firm in the field of Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Automation.

Square 9 Softworks provides its clients with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software, also referred to as Document Management Software (DMS). The ECM software is a cost-effective solution that businesses can implement in order to improve the storage, management, and monitoring of the documents that they are required to use throughout their daily business processes.

The ECM software essentially enables organizations to manage their business more efficiently, just by simplifying the processes of capturing, retrieving, and distributing business information with the help of their GlobalSearch document management software.

Square 9 Softworks continues to set the industry standards when it comes to operational efficiency, great customer service, and prudent financial management. It is for this reason that they have more than 13,000 customers, ranging from small businesses to enterprises, with a 96.4% overall customer retention and contract renewal rate.

The experts at Square 9 Softworks strive to truly understand each client’s unique requirements before presenting them with a comprehensive, well-developed solution. Its professional services team has a thorough grasp of digital solutions as well as a wealth of expertise in meeting the demands and expectations of its clients.

The company operates under a “never fail” principle, insuring 100% client satisfaction with its services at a price agreed upon by the client. It even offers its clients a series of webinars and education programs to guarantee that they get the most out of the software they’ve been given.

“Our steady expansion into solutions for digital transformation has acted as a growing complement to our ECM and BPM product strategies. With the added focus on Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic Process Automation, we felt it was time for Square 9 Softworks to develop a dedicated practice for expanding these initiatives,” stated Stephen Young, President, and CEO of Square 9 Softworks

Square 9 Softworks also offers document capture automation, which is available in the cloud along with GlobalCapture Cloud Transformation Services and/or on-premises with GlobalCapture. There is no infrastructure required with Cloud Transformation Services, and a business’ whole digital transformation can be successfully hosted in a fully compliant manner.

The Square 9 Softworks team is passionate about the work it does and is always aiming to provide the best enterprise content management and document capture automation solutions available in the industry. As a youthful, energetic, and exciting organization, the Square 9 Softworks staff know how to work hard while also remaining as ardent and thrilled to work.

With a light-hearted yet committed approach, Square 9 Softworks’s work ethic has resulted in remarkable corporate growth. To this day, it continues to produce game-changing solutions with 2 major product releases averaging 20 enhancements every year.