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Today’s business landscape is fast-paced and competitive. Companies constantly seek ways to increase efficiency, unlock productivity, and streamline operations. As a leading robot process automation company, Blue Prism offers innovative solutions to eliminate repetitive, monotonous tasks by automating them, thereby saving time, resources, and capital.

Making waves in the automation industry, Blue Prism is at the forefront of the robotic process automation revolution. Providing advanced intelligent automation technologies to enterprises worldwide, Blue Prism empowers companies to reinvent themselves with a secure and scalable intelligent digital workforce that boosts performance, reduces operating costs, and is a time-saving asset, allowing companies to prioritize tasks.

Blue Prism is a frontrunner in digital transformation, designing state-of-the-art technologies with an unlimited digital workforce that unleashes the full potential of intelligent automation to drive business value and streamline workflows.

Blue Prism Enterprise is a market-leading enterprise automation solution that equips organizations with a robust digital workforce. In addition to eliminating repetitive tasks and manual processes, it also reduces time to market, increases ROI, delivers exponential growth and profits, and ensures maximum security, governance and compliance, and exceptional customer experience.

With a comprehensive suite of solutions, Blue Prism Enterprise comprises autonomous software robots and innovative technologies that can learn and replicate business processes and allow working within legacy applications—ensuring an infinite and always available digital workforce. This automation solution also consists of a design studio supporting no-code, drag-and-drop automation building and reusing objects across businesses, reducing time and enabling third-party integration from the Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX) marketplace. Moreover, with a built-in control room, users can assign processes to digital workers, scale on demand, have a centralized view of digital workers’ performance, and enable an SLA-based process to deliver desirable results.

Another transformative Blue Prism offering, the Blue Prism Cloud, provides a fully managed RPA platform. It combines digital workers with built-in artificial intelligence and seamless integration tools to create a fully hosted and managed platform from Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud. This cloud platform features a Blue Prism Director that enables organizations to automatically assign work to their digital workforce and identify and combat orchestration challenges by executing works based on individual and business-centric parameters. Furthermore, this cloud hub accommodates on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployment, fostering an intuitive way for managing automation cycles that centralize all capabilities on a single portal to gain a holistic view of automation operations.

Blue Prism Cloud programs digital workers to always be prepared to read, write, and communicate, assigning teams with their tasks. It also comprises three BP cloud features, 300×225 57, 300×225 56, and 300×225 59, which ensure business continuity and manage infrastructure, operational requirements, and security; pre-configure digital workers to use various software and cognitive services and enhance communication skills; and swiftly adapt to changes in business strategies, respectively.

The key for us, and any business looking to implement intelligent automation, is that it has to be strategic. We need to help companies think bigger and apply a holistic view when implementing newer technologies. — Jason Kingdon, CEO and Chairman

Cloud has become the cornerstone of the digital age; Blue Prism’s Next Gen cloud-native platform is reshaping the automation landscape by providing access to intelligent automation capabilities. This software enables hybrid deployment, providing a self-hosted digital workforce that operates behind the firewall on the company’s own infrastructure. This guarantees the highest level of security by ensuring confidential data doesn’t leave the organization’s network.

Furthermore, Next Gen’s control center allows users to centrally manage operations by providing a single place to track and manage automation and digital workers. Its process repository saves objects and processes in a single hub, allowing monitoring changes for version control, simplifying enterprise-wide collaboration, and releasing management capabilities to create a structured, streamlined system from creation to execution.

Moreover, with Next Gen, companies can instantly access the latest platform version and receive quick updates. It also enables independent upgradation of digital workers at a time that suits the users. With RPA at its core, Next Gen is a pillar of Blue Prism’s intelligent automation portfolio, creating an excellent, seamless, unified customer experience.

The Blue Prism ROM is another market-leading intelligent automation implementation solution that empowers companies to launch, maintain, and scale their digital workforce efficiently. Blue Prism also offers an innovative way for users to access over 2,000 automation software components without hiring and training additional resources or seeking advanced technologies.

The Blue Prism Digital Exchange designs a bilingual digital workforce with fast API integrations available from DX connected to the latest platforms. It leverages various technology companies’ latest research, developments, and investments in the automation landscape. Moreover, this software equips the digital workforce with AI skills, such as optical character recognition and natural language processing, allowing them to complete business processes in only three clicks.

What makes Blue Prism a leading robot automation company is its products, solutions, and services, which adapt to the ever-evolving industry and empower enterprises worldwide to scale their business and boost efficiency with the help of a digital workforce.

One of Blue Prism’s clients, a global farm machinery and equipment manufacturer, used SAP to enhance its journaling process. The company used SAP to regularly update and verify its operational records to ensure transparency and accuracy. However, journaling proved to be a time-consuming process, resulting in high overhead and overtime costs. Therefore, the company required a more competent journaling method that reduced overtime expenses and maintained operational and system accuracy.

The global farm machinery manufacturer implemented Blue Prism’s intelligent automation solutions to resolve its journaling challenges. With the help of Blue Prism intelligent automation software, the client developed a standardized and scalable journaling process driven by multiple Blue Prism digital workers, managed by another digital worker that scheduled and assigned tasks to the rest of the digital team. This advanced and innovative digital solution solved the company’s problems by reducing the journaling time, thus lowering overtime costs.