Storware – Enterprise Backup & Recovery for Modern Workloads

For years, VMware and Hyper-V have dominated the server virtualization market. The area of data backup solutions looked similar – it was hegemonic. However, two companies, Storware and Nutanix, took a different, less obvious way, focusing first on the KVM engine. Ultimately, the combination of their technologies offers more sustainable virtual environments with the best data protection. Storware works with Nutanix to provide effective enterprise-class backup and recovery not only for VMware and Hyper-V hypervisors, but especially for those based on KVM.

As a leading Nutanix partner, Storware strives to eliminate the challenges affecting the Enterprise Backup and Recovery space. In today’s world, trends constantly evolve, technologies rapidly upgrade, and customers face indecision regarding adopting new tools or working with traditional technologies. Storware firmly believes in the freedom of choice. It offers its clients the option to choose a data protection strategy, such as backup resources, cloud solutions, virtual machines, and storage.

Storware supports the multi-hypervisor and multi-cloud approach, reducing the dependency on Hyper-V and VMware. Furthermore, both companies facilitate customer’s journey to the cloud environments. Nutanix approach allows users even to lease it from OVH or AWS or install it on cloud servers. Hence, Storware supports three major cloud providers: AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

The cloud is not a new development. However, the mass migration to cloud servers is a recent trend. Urgent migration to the cloud did not give companies enough time to equip themselves with data security measures, thus putting their online data at risk. Storware facilitates and accelerates cloud changes to strengthen cybersecurity. Instead of relying on outdated backup solutions from the 90s, Storware allows organizations to back up new sources safely, securely, and quickly.

Furthermore, Storware provides solutions that enable efficient and convenient data recovery during emergencies. New backup systems require constantly installing new mechanisms or upgrading servers to prevent cyberattacks. However, Storware uses isoLayer functionality to eliminate cyber threats, additionally supports integration with Rubrik SLA Managed Volumes or Retention Lock from the Data Domain.

Storware can easily simplify overall data management for enterprise and legacy backup systems. It works like Prism in Nutanix – making tech stacks less complex and providing a single console to manage all supported platforms with the same user experience.

In accordance with the “freedom of choice” philosophy, we want to eliminate restrictions and enable customers to freely build or change their environments without having to change the backup engine each time,” said Paweł Mączka, CTO of Storware.

Storware has been working with Nutanix since 2018 to make the cloud and the Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solution spaces more manageable and secure. In 2018, Storware added Nutanix support for the first time since its release and stood at the forefront of companies supporting data protection for Nutanix. Now, Storware is the only vendor to operate in two modes: independent backup solutions or legacy backup systems. The company enhances the market by providing data protection capabilities for wide range of sources and enabling other vendors to boost their portfolios.

Storware’s unique strategies and techniques make it stand out. Storware believes in long-term agreements between key backup players; it is a recurrent feature in Dell or Micro Focus portfolios. The Poland-based company also guarantees support for the latest Nutanix versions, including AHV updates, by launching certification processes immediately after new patches. Furthermore, Storware’s flexible licensing model follows a client-first approach and puts customer needs first, such as VM, host, and TB.

Being a top partner of Nutanix, Storware has an exemplary portfolio. Storware Backup and Recovery solution has simplified data security processes for clients worldwide. A good example is an Australian client that uses Nutanix and IBM as its primary backup engine employed Storware’s solutions to continue using the main backup engine to build a secure Nutanix environment. In another example, Storware’s data protection strategies secure Nutanix AHV, Nutanix Volume Gruops and Nutanix Files for a Canadian healthcare company.