Sure – Unlock the potential of insurance on the internet

In today’s world, the exponential growth of new-age technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning, has directed the finance sector towards modernization and digitization.

The insurance sector, following the same path as fintech, has stepped up and slowly begun to embrace the digital approach. But with new technologies, come new complexities, which tend to leave a dent in user experience and cause companies to suffer the loss of their customers.

To simplify the complexities of digital insurance the Sure software comes to the rescue. Sure is an insurance technology company that powers digital insurance programs for renowned brands across the world.

This California-based company was founded in 2014 to streamline all aspects of digital insurance, sales, and services. The APIs and Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that Sure provides essentially eliminates the need for excess IT resources and facilitates embedded insurance and digital transformation solutions.

Being backed by a strong team of insurance experts, Sure provides top class technology that is invaluable with regards to policy issuance, premium collection, quote and binding, CRM policy administration, and many other such features.

Its products strengthen the bond between consumers and providers by making the process of servicing and selling insurance, smoother and faster. It aims at accomplishing its mission of making digital insurance available to every consumer within the next few years.

Sure has created an Artificial Intelligence powered platform that works collaboratively across organizations in matters of claim settlement. This helps in using the platform for comprehensive claim management and integration with existing systems. This platform also provides a seamless digital interface for claim settlement, with pre-populated data, claim status updates, and notifications.

Claim settlement has been reduced to 4 easy steps of:

  • Claiming– On the Sure app
  • Describing– the details of the incident on the app
  • Submitting– to start the process
  • Getting Reimbursed– from the carrier via email, at the earliest.

Sure allows over 300 integrations from different vendors in its extensive integrations library.

“Sure and RentSpree are reshaping the renter’s experience with insurance,” says Wayne Slavin, Co-founder, and CEO of Sure. “Embedding insurance with our APIs into existing workflows for renter screening and management enables a smooth customer experience for both renters and property owners to seamlessly secure their assets.”

Sure provides renters insurance to users of RentSpree on their platform directly. This insurance coverage will be supervised by an authorized insurance company. Sure’s platform will ensure high-efficiency workflows for property owners. Externally, it will enable landlords to communicate any insurance-related news with the tenants, check the status of tenant policies and critical policy details themselves without the help of a third party.

Sure is not limited to renters insurance either, especially as customers can buy insurance coverage for every little item from Sure’s website, by following just a simple three step process. Sure has the unique facility of developer-centric APIs which direct the user to build an insurance platform that is rich in innovative features.

Users can achieve this by using production-ready integrations which require low maintenance in comparison to legacy systems. It provides a test environment and a full documentation library for user’s comfort.

Recently, Sure was recognized as a TopTech company transforming the global insurance industry. A panel of industry experts listed Sure among the top hundred Insur-tech companies of 2020.

We are delighted to be recognized among the world’s most innovative technology providers for digital insurance. Inclusion in the InsurTech100 is a true testament to the innovation behind the Sure Platform. We spend each and every day working to improve all aspects of insurance by leveraging the power of our technology to break down barriers to innovation, overcome digital transformation challenges, and usher in the next phase of insurance,” said Wayne Slavin when asked about this achievement.

The company officials believe that Sure’s success is a result of its constant efforts towards reducing risks and fraud by establishing uniquely tailored cybersecurity systems.  Updating to cloud-based technologies has enhanced the day-to-day sales processes and produced an infrastructure that is strong enough to support the client’s existing enterprise in the cloud.  With a future-driven and technologically enabled mindset, Sure powers forward as it strives to continue to leave an even deeper mark within the insurance sector.