Sword GRC – There’s a better way to manage risk

Globalization presents risks and opportunities, both of which can have significant impact on business performance. Given the pace of change in innovation, the ever-evolving complexities within the risk, governance, and compliance landscape, plus the inherent supply chain risks that stem from our global economy, organizations today need both agility and resilience.

Sword GRC, the market leader in project and enterprise risk management, is ideally placed to help customers attain their business objectives in the modern global economy. Its award-winning solutions drive business performance for customers within its core markets of infrastructure, energy, aerospace and defense, construction, and government.

Continually innovating to remain market leader, Sword GRC is committed to ongoing investment in Product Development; getting close to its customers to understand the challenges they face within their respective risk landscapes and developing the technologies that enable organizations to maintain their leadership.

“With innovation at our heart, Sword GRC will continue to provide its customers with the ability to balance risks versus rewards, capitalize on risk opportunities as they emerge, mitigate the impact of counter-productive risks and be as prepared as possible for risks that are beyond their control.” Nick Scully, CEO Sword GRC

Active Risk Manager, Sword GRC’s award-winning risk management platform is trusted by numerous global organizations, including seven of the largest companies in the aerospace and defense space, and four of the biggest federal agencies. These organizations rely on ARM’s technological innovation to support their pioneering and often extraordinary projects and initiatives.

Today ARM, combined with its Compliance, Policy, Safety, and Audit modules is widely acknowledged as the most configurable and flexible solution to provide a single view of risk, enterprise-wide – centralizing and simplifying top-down, bottom-up, and cross-organizational risks, controls, opportunities, actions, incidents, and audits.

Available via cloud or on-premise deployment, ARM helps organizations achieve a time to value, far quicker than many solutions by the very nature of it being configured to best practices out of the box. Leveraging digital workflows to fully automate numerous time and resource-heavy risk management processes leads to improved efficiency and decision-making that supports business performance and adds real value.

Providing access to timely and actionable information on both the positive and negative potentials of risk, ARM empowers organizations to make quality decisions, be they setting corporate strategies, driving major projects, or implementing operational improvements.

ARM stimulates better risk-intelligent management, which optimizes and sustains business performance. Designed with the needs of business users as a priority, its features include:

  •     Risk Normalization & Aggregation
  •     Formula Based Scoring: Enhances risk assessment models through customizable risk-level formulae for aspects such as health and safety, cyber threats, and more.
  •     Driving Impact: Gives preemptive insights into maximum foreseeable loss, to prioritize risks based on worst-case scenarios.
  •     BowTie: Orchestrates risk communications, and helps in identifying critical weaknesses in the control framework.

Sword GRC has enabled high-profile customers such as NASA and Ameren Transmission to attain desirable project outcomes and achieve measurable ROI.

“We work based on there being many levels of risk and to manage these levels we have massive amounts of data much of it in islands around the organization, therefore we needed a software solution to improve communication, encourage collaboration and to increase the amount of time dedicated to engineering rather than viewing graphic manipulation. Active Risk Manager proved to be the most sophisticated and complete risk management solution we looked at.” Office of Safety and Mission Assurance, NASA HQ

“We have been able to significantly develop monthly contingency cash flows based on project needs, strengthen understanding of project risk behavior and requirements, accurately driving down initial contingency allocation by 5% (approximately $40M) across our project portfolio.” Capital & Risk Management, Ameren Transmission

With a unique and in-depth understanding of customer needs, attained via its customer advisory board, Sword GRC interprets market needs and drives the development of its ambitious and visionary product road map. The organization embraces new technologies and is currently pursuing a new and redoubled strategy of accelerated product development across its software stack, to inspire both customers and the wider marketplace.

With significant investment in its people, product portfolio, and global reach, the future is bright for Sword GRC and more importantly its customers.