Syntax – Enterprise Cloud Solutions | SAP & Oracle

People long for the day when their mission-critical apps and the cloud become second nature to them. They want the ability to convert data-driven insights into sound strategic decision-making. Syntax has come to the rescue, providing individuals with the most relevant tools they need for creating a game-changing movement in their industry, allowing for them to progress their businesses in ways they never imagined possible.

Syntax offers extensive and sophisticated technological solutions to organizations of all kinds for over a decade, and hundreds of clients have entrusted Syntax with their IT and ERP requirements. Syntax has been providing clients with the highest degree of competence across many platforms since its launch in 1972 and is capable of giving them a personalized and unique approach to their business demands.

It is one such company that assists many organizations in staying ahead of the curve by providing them the most up-to-date business-driven and data-driven insights from its team of specialists, in addition to datasheets, whitepapers, on-demand events, and much more.

By partnering with its clients, Syntax aids them in transforming their investment in platforms like SAP, Oracle EBS, Oracle JD Edwards, Hyperion, Siebel, PeopleSoft, and OBIEE into real value. Syntax provides companies in a wide range of sectors and markets with strong technical and functional consulting services, as well as world-class monitoring and automation.

Syntax’s services are custom-built and purposefully refined for SAP landscape idiosyncrasies, allowing businesses to run mission-critical SAP systems securely around the clock and all across the world. Syntax has managed to provide cloud hosting services for over 4 decades now. One such software that Syntax is recognized for adapting very early on is SAP. Upgrades, cloud hosting, and continuing support are among the wide range of SAP services it provides.

Syntax also has several Oracle certified professionals that deliver prescriptive Oracle EBS solutions to guarantee an organization’s systems are running at optimum performance and in a secure manner, all while adhering to industry-leading availability and response time service level agreements (SLAs).

For over 30 years, Syntax has provided business solutions based on Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) applications. It has supported and deployed the whole suite of apps, as well as development projects, integrations, upgrades, cloud hosting, managed services, and continuing support, as a pioneer in the E-Business Suite field.

“With hundreds of implementations under our belt, we rank at the industry forefront as a clear leader for providing the in-depth knowledge and experience demanded for the E-Business Suite solution set,” says the CEO of Syntax, Christian Primeau

Syntax believes that a multi-layer security posture and plan are essential. It has created a complete collection of Security Solutions and Services that may be used to defend a company’s systems on-premises, with the aid of a service provider like Syntax, or in the cloud. Its Security Solutions and Services include everything from securing a company’s systems right to their end users’ gadgets.

Syntax is a proud winner of the IBM 2018 North America Excellence Award as the Top Strategic Services Partner of that year. It was also one of the first Oracle E-Business Suite hosting providers and is labeled as an Oracle Sell Partner, SAP Gold Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, and IBM Silver Partner.

It has offices situated all around the world and is presently assisting over a thousand consumers across all its business sectors. With a deep and diversified consumer base, it holds on to all of its longstanding relationships.

Today, Syntax has grown to become a prominent managed cloud provider for mission-critical applications. It has an unmatched and unrivaled expertise in implementing and managing multi-ERP (SAP and Oracle) implementations in a secure and resilient private, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment.