T1distribution – Your global components partner since 1999

As a leading Intel partner, Tier One Distribution has been a renowned global supplier of computer components and systems for over two decades. As Intel’s partner since 1999 and having grown up the company, both firms have a mutually dependent system to design and supply computer parts and peripherals. Tier One Distribution collaborates with top-notch brands to build healthy relationships with manufacturers like Intel to provide customers with up-to-date and reliable products and services.

With its reach in over 50 countries, Tier One Distribution holds the Intel Titanium status for its contribution toward technology and its conversion and accessibility. Tier One Distribution specializes in PC components, such as CPUs, Memory, Hard Drives, Opticals, Motherboards, SSDs, Systems, Graphics Cards, Software, and PC Peripherals. It works with retailers, resellers, and system builders worldwide to form customized business strategies according to their specific requirements.

To thrive in an AI-powered environment, businesses require high-quality products and flexible models to identify new markets and optimize their functions. Companies must also adapt to market changes for optimal pricing. In addition, the demand for new devices and cloud-based platforms for better connectivity keeps increasing. Enterprises also need a hybrid, multi-cloud system to build a solid IT infrastructure, allowing IT teams to seamlessly migrate data and applications across private and public cloud servers.

Tier One Distribution considers evolving market trends, product demand, and service quality when designing a collaborative platform connecting manufacturers, suppliers, and customers. The company uses its expertise and knowledge to understand market data and develop flexible and adaptable models. With its tools and technologies, Tier One Distribution identifies changes and scales its resources to build a unique and inclusive technology space.

Tier One Distribution is not only a supplier of PC components but, above all, a partner that can support in finding the right solutions for complex IT projects. With both large and small customers, we can look at the wishes and needs and think along with in a solution-oriented way,” said Arjen Nagelkerke and Iwan Casander, Directors of Tier One Distribution.

Having been in the technological landscape since 1999, Tier One Distribution has a worldwide presence. It works with global companies, regardless of size or objectives. Its extensive knowledge allows it to design customized solutions for different customers. With the help of its services, companies that previously held extensive production inventories now run a business without depending on inventory management.

With an emphasis on computer components, Tier One Distribution’s purchasing team finds necessary products and delivers them from stock worldwide within 48 hours with help from the logistics department. The Intel partner allows customers to place orders via the website and sales team. It conducts regular research to understand consumer habits and uses the data to upgrade its online portal. Tier One ensures customers remain satisfied, have a positive experience, and turn into regular or long-term consumers.

The brainchild of Tier One Distribution and Intel’s hard work, NUC has been ruling the market for over a decade. The NUC product executes various operations with the smallest motherboard for gaming and business without compromising quality and performance. Tier One Distribution ventured into the industry with NUC, and even after ten years, its demand skyrockets daily.

Rather than shifting its focus from components to other product groups, Tier One Distribution remains focused on a few product groups. This allows customers to build a trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationship with product groups they have worked with on numerous occasions. Tier One Distribution also collaborates with major brands for better transparency and to deliver quality products.

Tier One Distribution’s catalogue comprises in-house expertise that receives customer requests regarding the Intel Solution area and reviews their requirements to find the right solution with Intel product managers. NUC, in particular, receives specific requests to assist customers in choosing the appropriate products for their businesses.