Talkdesk – Experience. A better way.

Not even the most optimistic industry pundit can deny the disruption caused in the contact center business, because of the pandemic. It completely changed how the sector works and that led to the emergence of some new operational trends. Around 70% of organizations predicted that call center operators will continue to work from home well into 2021. According to business leaders, the percentage of call center work-from-home seats in 2021 will be astronomically higher than it was last year.

The dramatic change toward work-from-home coincides with the challenge of businesses of all sizes; across roles and departments, to adjust support systems in order to accomplish development. Customer security and privacy concerns, for example, are some of the most typical challenges in the work-from-home support center. Around 48% of IT departments mentioned security as a barrier to expansion. To solve these newly emerging business problems, companies should bet on innovation. Talkdesk, one of the fastest-growing contact center companies in the world, has been actively investing in innovative processes.

The company understands its clients’ obsession to provide the best possible customer experience. In order to help these organizations meet their requirements, Talkdesk brings forward an innovative culture. The company is focused on building technology that will result in disruptive innovation, the kind that puts an end to lousy customer service. The company aims to deliver extraordinary results by ensuring every client engagement to be a memorable experience.

Talkdesk brings solutions that transform the way its clients’ approach service and support. A game-changing breakthrough that will transform the contact center sector. What makes Talkdesk unique from its competitors is its full-fledged focus on transforming the customer experience. Consequently, Talkdesk’s contact center platform is built for enterprises passionate about customer experience. Recently, Talkdesk launched its Healthcare Experience Cloud specifically to meet the demands of hospitals and health systems. The solution aids in the delivery of superior patient experiences across digital and phone communication channels.

But how did all this start? Talkdesk was founded based on the desire to alter customer experience forever by putting the client at the center of every conversation and connection. Tiago Paiva, the founder, and CEO of Talkdesk, prototyped a cloud-based system that was simple to deploy, integrate, and administer. He won a hackathon, received initial funding, relocated to the United States of America, and that’s when Talkdesk came to life. From the very beginning, the company focused on being a global organization.

Looking back at the company’s journey and growth, Mr. Paiva said, “Talkdesk is in the middle of an explosive growth period right now, but it wasn’t like this during the first three years. We used those early years to really understand our market and define the product we wanted to build. We had many, many conversations with customers and prospects in those early days, to help us create a product that would deliver an exceptional customer experience. In the last four and a half years, we’ve grown from a 15-person company with one office in Portugal and me working remotely from home in San Francisco to now nearly 900 employees in seven offices around the world.”

Talkdesk’s journey, like all noteworthy ones, has been formed by the thoughts of its people. The company’s workforce has remained connected over the years and across generations in the never-ending search for “a better way.”

Talkdesk’s vision and principles are guided by the goal of disrupting the status quo in order to help its customers, partners, and workers to thrive and prosper. This enthusiasm and drive to make things happen; even the impossible ones, is what defines Talkdesk’s spirit.