Tangentia- A World-Leading Provider of Digital Transformation Solutions

The market is constantly evolving, and new technologies are emerging on the horizon. Organizations must embrace this digital wave to transform and thrive in this competitive landscape as the industry integrates with new and innovative technologies. In this fluctuating digital space, Tangentia has cemented its position as a top IBM partner and market leader, empowering various industries to adopt digitalization, from automotive and oil and gas to retail, banking, and insurance.

In the digital landscape, companies often face challenges that can compromise efficiency and productivity. Tangentia addresses these issues by offering the best IBM solutions, which not only automate tasks and increase productivity but also reduce the reliance on manual work. IBM’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a game-changer, enabling organizations to fully automate back-office and front-office business processes, thereby enhancing scalability and reducing costs.

As IBM’s leading North American and Indian partner, Tangentia assists in implementing and configuring IBM’s enterprise-grade RPA software by tailoring it according to each company’s unique business model and needs. IBM’s RPA solution, coupled with Tangentia’s expert insights, training, and support, empowers organizations with unparalleled value, simplifies complex manual processes, and allows them to achieve operational excellence.

Virtual bots are one of the critical pillars of automation. With IBM’s RPA solutions, companies can effectively design, run, and monitor their bots. When paired with Tangentia’s support, companies can build a robust digital workforce that operates on a cloud-native platform, reducing inefficiencies, automating tedious tasks, and extracting the maximum value from processes.

Moreover, users can use attended bots available on-demand or unattended bots to automate repetitive operations. They can also create chatbots using natural language processing to increase user engagement, regardless of the channel. IBM’s RPA software deploys bots on-premises or in the cloud, allowing users to run multiple bots on the same virtual host and build new bots without needing to code them.

One of the top concerns among automation users is data security. Tangentia addresses this by implementing robust security measures. Users can set their own login credentials, which they can store in their preferred location, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data and maintaining security at the highest level.

Our partnership with IBM drives companies towards growth by providing them with the tools and automation and digital integration solutions needed to unlock maximum value and performance. — Vijay Thomas, CEO

Tangentia’s industrial acumen has been instrumental in helping companies in various sectors navigate the digital landscape. The company’s expertise also extends to the financial industry, as evidenced by its collaboration with a leading financial consulting service provider.

As a financial consulting firm, the client dealt with high volumes of time-consuming tasks for generating high-value quarterly reports. The tedious and repetitive nature of the tasks put added pressure on team members and missed deadlines, decreasing productivity and impacting customer experience. Thus, the company sought an IT partner to provide advanced RPA solutions to accelerate repetitive tasks and generate reports while freeing up labor for priority tasks and maintaining customer privacy.

Tangentia resolved the client’s challenges by leveraging IBM’s RPA solution, which optimized personalized reporting through automation. The company also customized the RPA solution per the client’s unique needs to speed up reports through automatic data capture processes. The automated bat created a client-oriented approach, allowing the client to transfer data into various templates to generate ready reports.

With Tangentia’s assistance, the client reduced the time to generate reports from an hour to a few minutes. The time spent on repetitive tasks was also reduced, allowing employees to attend to more urgent tasks and lowering the company’s operational costs. Furthermore, Tangentia’s automated solution creates over 50% of the quarterly reports, resulting in high data capture accuracy and the creation of personalized investment portfolios to meet their consumers’ needs.