TCDI – Legal Services Technology & Cybersecurity Solutions

One of the leading tech solution providers, Technology Concepts & Design, Inc (TCDI), believes in transforming the tech landscape. Having been in the legal tech industry for more than 30 years, TCDI aims to provide its clients with the best legal services technology, with security, service, and innovation as its primary focuses. With a platform that supports client-driven innovation and efficiency, the legal tech company initially started by creating customizable litigation technology solutions and web application development solutions to build and solidify the base of CVLynx, their proprietary Litigation Management and eDiscovery platform. TCDI also believes in maintaining strong and transparent relationships with its clients and uses their resources to create practical and unique solutions for the challenges in the legal tech sphere.

TCDI identifies the challenges in the legal tech space and the trends that influence it. The minority owned, US-based company keeps Lean Six Sigma principles at the forefront. It makes continuous efforts to invest in the best resources, transform processes and technology, and enhance its workforce to tackle difficulties legal teams may face in the discovery process. It provides solutions for issues such as social media data review, legal hold workflow, and collaborative team messaging data review. The firm also aims to explore new and innovative methods to tackle text search handling, third-party cloud service integration, and data breach.

Clients often face difficulties navigating the legal tech sphere, such as individual data types and highly complex data relationships. TCDI, with its people, processes, and technology, identifies and recognizes these challenges, organizes the unique data types, converts them into accessible data sets, and presents a simplified version to their users. The open-standards-based search solution, developed by TCDI, powers the CVLynx application providing precision full-text search that carries the range to control relational data structures on a grand scale to offer personalized features and services to clients.

We believe working alongside our clients as partners fosters strong relationships. Caring for colleagues and clients and “doing the right thing” creates a culture of respect, safety, and accountability that is key to our success and, often, that of our clients,” said Bill Johnson, CEO and Founder of TCDI.

The tech solution company provides solutions to data-organizational challenges and offers unique, top-notch legal and cybersecurity services. TCDI collaborates with clients to create a tailored and client-focused experience, one rarely found in the legal tech space. TCDI’s team members offer their insight, knowledge, and expertise to keep the software up-to-date and ensure all the services run smoothly. Instead of incorporating temporary resources for quick and short-term fixes, TCDI’s vision entails long-term planning that involves polished technology and customized methods to make the client experience more efficient, convenient, manageable, and flexible. For instance, CVLynx offers clients a way to create case profiles, transcripts, calendars, collect data, track and monitor processes, search, conduct operations, cull, classify and predict coding answers, and review documents to simplify the management of complex litigation.

Over the last 30 years, TCDI has been essential in making its clients’ discovery process smoother. It has provided tools for legal teams in large-scale product liability cases in tobacco, firearms, pharmaceuticals, and multidistrict litigation cases in various healthcare spheres. TCDI operates on two principles to give and receive transparency from its clients: superior service and client-focused technology. Its resources are always at the disposal of its clients whenever they may require assistance.