Technologent – Global Provider of IT, Data, Cloud & Security Solutions

Technologent is a major provider of Fortune 1000 organizations with enterprise-class IT solutions. The fundamentals of today’s IT ecosystem include data center infrastructure, cloud, monitoring, automation, and security. They make your company more flexible, responsive, and competitive by providing custom solutions and services.

Technologent is headquartered in Irvine, California, and proudly serves clients all over the world. When companies work with Technologent, they gain access to a team of experts dedicated to providing extraordinary business results backed by unmatched service and support.

Technologent is a certified Microsoft partner who can provide best-in-class Microsoft Office 365 and Azure solutions. It is both an IBM Business Partner and technical competition, so having a partner they can fully trust with their valued clientele is critical.

Technologent has long-standing client ties. Every year, there is a 20% growth in net new clients asking for a trusted adviser to counsel, architect, integrate, implement, support, and/or remotely manage their organization. Customers at Technologent are willing to pay a bit more to obtain the outcomes they desire, and they want them immediately. No matter how low the cost, having something done improperly is not cost-effective.

Technologent has also partnered with ITS that has assisted businesses in resolving issues left by other subcontractors. Technologent’s contract engineers provide services as seamlessly as if they were Technologent employees. They frequently visit customer sites, particularly in the early stages of a project; after that, the client can contact the ITS experts directly, as advised by the Technologent team. ITS also contributes to the development of hardware and deployment methodologies.

Thomas Gallaway Corporation, better known as Technologent, specializes in enterprise-class infrastructure and data center solutions. Its areas of expertise include data center infrastructure, business continuity, data protection, service automation and orchestration, continuous intelligence, monitoring, connectivity, collaboration, and cybersecurity.

Technologent is perfectly positioned to help accelerate the needs of a virtual workforce strategy. We offer remote access solutions, remote collaboration solutions, and VDI bursting solutions all specifically designed to bring speed, security, and reliability for the remote workforce,” says Tammy Cooper, CEO of Technologent.

The digital transformation services offered by Technologent assist both large and small businesses in pivoting and scaling swiftly toward the most efficient and profitable path. Technologent’s skilled IT consultants can assist the customer confronting technology with confidence, from emerging technology guidance to legacy systems integration. Technologent can provide a business’ IT infrastructure with the flexibility, scalability, and performance it needs to meet modern business expectations, whether it’s private, public, or hybrid.

With ongoing changes in technology, demand, and compliance, having dependable IT services and consistent billing makes growth more manageable. Technologent takes pride in being a client-focused, manufacturer-agnostic, and adaptable company that helps clients address purchasing, budgeting, and cash flow challenges.

It designs data center architectures ranging from traditional rack-mount servers and blades to the most cutting-edge integrated infrastructure technologies. Technologent lets a company streamline asset and software license administration through OnePoint. It’s a single-point portal that allows clients access to and control over data from a variety of sources.

To address network vulnerability issues, one must first understand what they are and where they exist. The vulnerability assessment from Technologent reveals the hidden details you need to stay safe and compliant. Sometimes, to resolve technical challenges, one needs some old-fashioned, hands-on help. On-site assistance, vendor management, and more are all part of Techonologent’s IT support services.

Businesses turn to Technologent when they need their IT environments to be quick, adaptable, efficient, transparent, and secure. Technologent gives its clients the freedom to focus on generating innovation, increasing productivity, and surpassing the competition. Technologent assists its clients in identifying, assessing, developing, and advising on a strategy that will benefit them today and in the future.