Tellabs – Global Leader in Advanced Telecommunications Solutions & Services

The telecommunications industry is in a constant state of evolution, with groundbreaking technologies and innovative solutions reshaping connection and communication. Amid this ever-changing landscape, Tellabs, a pioneering force in the industry, is setting a new standard with its innovative telecom solutions.

Tellabs, renowned for its cutting-edge Passive Optical Network (PON) technology, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to advancing the industry and revolutionizing the way the world connects.

At Tellabs, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the telecom industry. Our carbon reduction calculator reflects our commitment to sustainability and innovation, making a measurable impact on reducing carbon emissions. — Rich Schroder, President & CEO

One of the remarkable installations featuring Tellabs’ Optical LAN solutions is at Orlando International Airport’s new Terminal C. The airport chose Tellabs Optical LAN, which includes the Tellabs FlexSym Optical Line Terminal Six (Tellabs FlexSym OLT6), Tellabs FlexSym Optical Network Terminal 205 (Tellabs FlexSym ONT205), and 48 Ethernet port Tellabs FlexSym Optical Network Terminal 248 (Tellabs FlexSym ONT248). This decision enabled the airport to build a fiber-based network that is high-speed, future-proof, and energy-efficient.

With symmetrical 10 gigabit speeds, the Optical LAN technology extends connectivity across a passive network, reducing the need for traditional copper cables. Its wave-division-multiplex technology allows different optical transmissions to coexist without interference, offering fluid scalability. The extended reach over fiber optic cabling also reduces the number of communications rooms required for IT systems, leading to energy savings and additional revenue-generating space.

Paul R. Haust, IT Infrastructure Manager at the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, stressed the significance of selecting a Passive Optical Network (PON) for Terminal C, stating that it showcased new technology and was the optimal choice for the terminal’s network. This Orlando International Airport success story illustrates Tellabs Optical LAN’s potential to enhance digital experiences for passengers, retailers, and airport staff.

Tellabs’ innovations extend beyond airports, with deployments of its Optical LAN technology at Purgatory Resort. This solution provides reliable, secure, and high-capacity long-distance connectivity. Tellabs’ Optical LAN, leveraging fiber optics, PON, advanced Ethernet capabilities, and software-defined management, simplifies network connectivity.

Tellabs ensures its products meet stringent standards through certification. The Tellabs Optical LAN solution, featuring 10 gigabit XGS-PON and G-PON components, has undergone comprehensive testing against the PON and Assured Services LAN (ASLAN) criteria outlined in the DoD JITC Unified Capabilities Requirements (UCR). This certification assures government and private sector customers of the solution’s interoperability, security, and reliability.

Tellabs Optical LAN is a building and campus LAN solution designed to flatten and simplify network connectivity, reduce vulnerabilities, and lower the total cost of ownership. The technology is tried and tested across all government markets, reinforcing its reputation for quality and security.

Tellabs’ access networking solutions cater to a diverse range of industries. In education, Tellabs Optical LAN solutions offer cost-effective ways to enhance network connectivity while reducing operating costs. In the healthcare sector, technology unifies services and networks, reducing costs, increasing security, and ensuring high network availability, critical for life-saving services. For businesses, it’s the choice for simple, secure, scalable, and stable connectivity, addressing the ever-increasing demands on LAN services, infrastructure, and operations.

Tellabs’ solutions simplify network management, reduce vulnerabilities, and adapt to evolving fiber network requirements. its technology supports Software Defined Networking (SDN), making it a wise investment for both current and future networking needs.

The adoption of Tellabs Optical LAN contributes to sustainability goals by reducing carbon impacts and supporting net-zero initiatives. The technology offers quantifiable benefits for healthy, green, and smart building designs, reflecting the company’s focus on environmental sustainability.

Tellabs is a game-changer in the telecommunications industry, setting the bar high with its innovative telecom solutions. From its pioneering Passive Optical Network technology to its commitment to sustainability and excellence, Tellabs is shaping the future of connectivity.