Tellius – AI-Driven Augmented Analytics & Decision Intelligence

Data Analytics has become one of the most important factors taking businesses to greater heights and in new directions. Once you completely understand your business data, there are endless ways you can arrive at novel conclusions and actionable insights. However, gaining a deeper comprehension of business data is not a common occurrence most of the time.

Tellius is a rising name in data analytics that believes in a future where you can move seamlessly and effortlessly between exploring data, discovering unseen critical insights, developing new hypotheses, and acting on data-driven answers to drive business outcomes. This AI-driven decision intelligence platform helps you get relevant insights from all your data faster and easier than ever before. With the assistance of Tellius, businesses can ask questions that will familiarize them with their business data. With this comprehension, you can finally accelerate the path from data to decision and break down the silos between BI and AI.

When AI tools are too advanced for a layperson’s use and BI tools are outdated for good results, Tellius is the middle ground to meet today’s data needs. “With the dramatic increase in the volume and complexity of data in the last few years, organizations cannot rely on the model of tossing analytics questions over the fence only to wait a few hours or a few days for an answer,” says Ajay Khanna, CEO, and Founder of Tellius. “There needs to be a more modern approach to analytics – one that puts timely analysis into the hands of consumers and fosters greater collaboration between business teams and data experts,” he suggests.

Tellius has partnered with brands across industries such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, healthcare, communications, and insurance. The solutions that Tellius devises for each partner are highly personalized, ensuring maximum commercial effectiveness, risk management, marketing analysis, and more. The improved approach that Tellius takes can bring analytics consumers and data experts together to streamline the process of making better data-backed business decisions.

A company’s success is greatly determined by brand performance. Tellius’ partnership with a well-known pharma company intended to maximize brand potential. As easy as it sounds on paper, the process requires identifying relevant consumer, customer, market, and brand insights out of terabytes of internal and third-party data to drive competitive advantage. Tellius delivered value by providing brand teams with a unified analytics experience across data sources to enable faster answers to what happened with a Google-like interface, explanations for business metric changes, and how to improve business outcomes by understanding the drivers of those behaviors.

What sets Tellius apart from others is that it is built from the ground up for cloud scale and AI. With Tellius being the first decision intelligence platform to handle ad hoc query and compute intensive ML/AI workloads, it raises data scale by 100x and speeds the discovery of insights from hours to seconds. There are three data processing modes that customers can utilize to achieve a balance of performance, speed, and cost simultaneously. The In-Memory mode, Live mode, and Data Lake mode explore every possible data combination. Tellius is the most efficient way to combine domain expertise with the power of automated machine learning to iterate on and refine your insights discovery process.

You can get a complete picture of what’s driving your business, know precisely why things change, and how to impact performance with Tellius,” describes CEO Khanna. Tellius makes for a fast-track path from data to decisions with unified data prep, insight generation, and machine learning/AI.