Tender Care Home Health & Hospice – Caring Professionals Making a Difference

Life is inevitable where everybody is born in a hospital; however, nobody wants to die in one. Illnesses and impairment of bodily functions are unanticipated incidences that require undivided attention. But, the incessant hustle of the busy world intercepts the care that people want to give to their loved ones.

Illness is a personal affair. Other people can only visualize the disability and symptoms of it; it is the patient who goes through all of it. Hospital admissions come with a room full of strangers with the same disorder with no loved one around, which tends to demotivate an individual about his/her recovery.

This mandates an intimate adobe for rehabilitation where the patient can release all their concerns and relax in the zen zone. Ann McConnell understood this concept in her nursing days and started working towards developing a forum that provided comfort alongside medical supervision under the guidance of professional caregivers on top of the compassion of family members at one common location. And this led to the birth of Tender Care Home Health & Hospice services.

Tender Care Home Health & Hospice is a home-based health care agency that is revolutionizing the professional care experience of patients in their own surroundings. The company follows an Enhanced Care Model to design personalized treatment plans in accordance with doctors’ supervision and caregivers’ understanding to expedite healing and prevent further hospitalizations.

The company’s skilled rehabilitative clinicians, go above and beyond to ensure that Tender Care patients are enabled the best care which best allows patients to recuperate at home. The multitude of nursing, speech, occupational, and physical therapists made available to patients help them combat difficulties ranging from, language, perception, living activities, to speech. All of which fall under three broad categories, that further divide the home health segment of Tender Care’s services:

  • Rehabilitative occupational therapy (OT)
  • Rehabilitative physical therapy (PT)
  • Rehabilitative speech therapy

Hospice is a traditional format of healthcare for patients suffering from a terminal illness. It deals with satisfying the spiritual and psychological needs of the patient during the last days of life. The cure is not the end goal of hospice; it is care and kindness to provide peace in times of departure to eternity. Tender care hospice company leverages the art of hospice for the attainment of tranquillity for such patients.

Tender Care’s hospice treatment emphasizes upon:

  • Treating the patient and not the disease
  • Supportive care
  • Considers the entire family
  • Quality over the length of life

Tender Care Hospice enables a multidisciplinary range of services to the patient along with all of their family members, and care gives. Tender Care ensures that timely physical, emotional, as well as spiritual care, are being made available 24/7 throughout the entire process. All of which, is accomplished via its team of highly trained professionals, of which is referred to as the Interdiciplinary team (IDT). A team of which coordinates and plans the patient’s overall course under the careful direction of the presiding physician and the hospice medical director in charge at the time.

The purpose behind the Tender Care Hospice wing, is to assist not only in emotional, and spirtual support, but also to assist in symptom management and pain control for the terminally ill.

A patient admitted into Tender Care Hospice will be considered under “comfort only” rather than a series of aggressive and curative treatment procedures, to give them the best that can possibly be offered to them in the final stages of their journey.

The company accomplishes its goals of providing holistic patient care via its multitalented team of licensed vocational nurses, registered nurses, medical social workers, rehabilitation specialists from physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

They conduct a thorough physical assessment of the patient to identify the foci of diseases, set meetings with families to understand basic routines and organize unique sessions to comprehend the patient’s mindset towards the illness. Their exclusive interdisciplinary team stands by the patients at all times to attend to their physical and emotional necessities.

Be it therapy services, medical social assistance, chaplain, fitness counseling, or bereavement, the company offers guidance in all forms under the direction of a certified physician or medical director. From nephrology to oncology, behavioral management to IV infusion, Tender healthcare services offer assistance at all ends.

“We strive to create an environment dedicated to teamwork and participation, where, through continuous performance improvement, health care professionals pursue excellence and take pride in their work, the organization, and their personal development. We believe that the quality of our human resources – organization personnel, physicians, and volunteers – is the key to our continued success. We strive for excellence in ensuring the quality of the journey, from a serious illness through end of life,” says Ann McConnell, founder of Tender Care Home Health.

With centers in New York and Mexico, the company has been successfully delivering exceptional health & hospice services to its local community. It regularly engages in welfare programs regarding clinical education, mental health, and nutrition counseling sessions with an aim to alleviate lifestyle-related ailments with minimal hospital visits.

Recently, Tender Care Home Health was awarded a 5-star rating by Medicare, the federal agency within the United States Department of Health and Human Services. The company constantly bags a prestigious rank among the top 500 agencies by HomeCare Elite.

Tender Care Home Health uses a one-of-a-kind, enhanced care model of which is implemented in order to ensure an individualized plan of care for each patient. Then with Tender Care’s experience, expertise, and agility in serving patients, it can ensure a truly world-class environment in which patients can go about their day-to-day activities.

As Tender Care Home Health is a health care agency on a mission to serve its patients with the utmost care with breakthrough medical care methods and works alongside the patient to achieve their healthcare goals.

This is also precisely how, the company has been enabling patients for 37 glorious years to live fuller, independent lives with the comfort of home, all while managing their own illness, and while preventing further hospitalization.