Teradata – Complete cloud analytics and data platform

Teradata is not just a company; it’s a revolution. In the present digital ecosystem, where data is the cornerstone of every digital interaction and the force behind making confident decisions, Teradata is empowering people around the globe with the best-in-class data migration solutions.

With a vision to transform the data landscape, businesses incorporate Teradata’s services into organizational operations for rapid results, scaling operational efficiency, reducing supply chain friction, and protecting the enterprise’s most valuable information. A reservoir of innovative and advanced solutions, Teradata equips businesses with integrated data.

Various trends impact the current data migration space, such as rigid systems, difficulties adapting digital tools, compliance issues, and connectivity challenges. Teradata not only combats these hurdles but also unlocks limitless potential from data.

With Teradata’s solutions, businesses gain the flexibility to streamline processes, reduce costs, and accelerate enterprise-wide growth; organizations can simplify complex operations and speed up AI initiatives with modern analytic systems; companies ensure compliance, thus mitigating risks, controlling costs, enabling centralized management, and optimizing ROI; enterprises can break down silos and experience fully harmonized data, creating an open and connected digital culture.

Teradata spearheads the migration to a digital future with a complete cloud analytics and data platform, VantageCloud. This platform gives everyone across organizations the means to reinvent, innovate, and unlock data. VantageCloud activates analytics and accelerates value by incorporating AI/ML tools in every data system, from data lakehouses and warehouses to data engineering and transactional workloads. With this medium, enterprises can function beyond work demands and open the door to a spectrum of departmental, exploratory, and ad hoc data and analytic needs in the cloud.

VantageCloud prioritizes delivering results. It allows users to choose their preferred deployment option per their needs and goals. It’s a customer-driven industry, and Teradata follows a customer-centric approach by generating customized solutions catering to unique requirements. On-premise, cloud, or hybrid, Teradata ensures compatibility with all mediums while reducing costs and eliminating complexities surrounding transparent pricing.

Less than 25% of organizations think they’ve got the right data culture and capabilities to ensure the ethical and responsible use of data. That’s something Teradata tries to help with all the time. — Steve McMillan, President & CEO.

In addition to VantageCloud, Teradata also makes data management more manageable with ClearScape Analytics. This platform delivers ground-breaking performance, value, and growth across organizations with the most powerful and connected AI/ML tools available in the market.

Founded in 1979, Teradata has earned its reputation as one of the best data migration companies. The company has assisted enterprises across all industries with data sharing and transferring while ensuring the security of sensitive information. Teradata’s solutions have reached various sectors, including financial institutions.

Financial institutions thrive in stable environments. However, stability often clashes with advancement, and too much stability can result in outdated systems and the inability to adapt to new market trends. For financial bodies, FinTech lays the foundation for their business. Hence, one of Teradata’s clients, an acclaimed financial institution, devised a new digital infrastructure to improve its digital experience. They chose Teradata VantageCloud as the data platform for its digital transformation due to its enterprise-ready software.

Being a connected multi-cloud data platform, Teradata Vantage eliminated data silos and enabled highly performant analysis of a wide range of high-volume transactions. Vantage’s linear scalability and workload management brought unmatched cost-per-query performance to the table.

With Teradata VantageCloud, the financial institution was able to remodel its goals, such as migrating 80% of all systems, including the core system, to the cloud by 2025. The company is also designing its systems for newly launched services to make them cloud-friendly. To help its client navigate the cloud landscape efficiently, Teradata will provide cloud solutions to achieve system integration, enhance data relevance, and generate and deliver real-time time insights to utilize data effectively.