Thales and Google Expand eSIM Implementation Across Android Ecosystem

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Thales’ eSIM Discovery Solution to Utilize Google Discovery Service for Smooth Activation of Android Devices.

Thales has deployed over 300 eSIM platforms globally, advancing connectivity while ensuring cybersecurity from end to end. This collaboration enhances user convenience by streamlining device activation and profile provisioning, taking it to the next level in simplicity and speed.

According to a report by GSMA Intelligence, it is projected that by 2025, there will be over 3.4 billion eSIM-enabled devices, encompassing tablets, laptops, and smartwatches. Additionally, 98% of mobile network operators aspire to offer eSIM service by this time, underscoring significant interest and demand in optimizing eSIM for enhanced user experiences.

In anticipation of this digital transition, Thales has collaborated closely with Google to develop an eSIM Discovery solution. This solution facilitates eSIM activation on Android devices with minimal user interaction, streamlining the process and aligning with evolving market needs.

Upon initial activation, eSIM devices need to identify the preferred operator of the subscriber and download the corresponding subscription to enable cellular access. Thales’ eSIM Discovery service streamlines this remote process, allowing for one-click activation.

When a user subscribes to a new mobile network for the first time, they receive a notification on their device screen indicating that a profile is available for download. Upon acceptance, the subscription is promptly downloaded.

Alternatively, users can manually check for a new profile through the device setup wizard or settings menu. This straightforward process ensures hassle-free access to cellular connectivity for the user.

Additionally, due to its cloud-based nature and scalability, Thales ensures worldwide availability and expandability to accommodate all Android devices and carriers globally. In simpler terms, it enables eSIM profile activations wherever and whenever a device is powered on.

Eva Rudin, Thales’ EVP of Mobile Connectivity Solutions, expressed delight in collaborating with Google to offer a standardized, straightforward, and secure method for eSIM subscription activation, aiming to enhance convenience for users and Android device manufacturers.

Rudin cited that Thales’ eSIM Discovery service endeavors to streamline clients’ eSIM adoption across various devices and connectivity providers. She further noted that mobile operators currently utilizing Thales’ subscription management platform can seamlessly integrate with this solution, providing a one-click eSIM activation experience to all Android device users.

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