Tierpoint – Power Your Digital Breakaway

It is estimated that the global cloud computing market will reach $623.3 billion by the end of 2022. The number is said to cross the $800 billion mark by 2025. With over 92% of enterprises employing a multi-cloud strategy, cloud computing services continue to be a crucial resource across various sectors

Among the growing names in cloud computing technology, TierPoint is rapidly gaining attention. As a cloud-forward and data center-strong solutions provider, TierPoint is the cloud computing partner a business needs to untangle the hybrid complexity of modern IT. with more organizations opting for hybrid, multi-platform approaches to their IT infrastructure, TierPoint is the perfect partner for simplifying the process.

With a platform-agnostic approach to helping clients achieve their most critical business objectives, TierPoint has a comprehensive portfolio of services, from public to private to multitenant cloud, from colocation to disaster recovery, security, and more. TierPoint also has one of the largest and most geographically diverse U.S. footprints, with over 40 world-class, cloud-ready data centers in 20 markets connected by a coast-to-coast network.

CEO and Chairman of TierPoint, Jerry Kent, says, “We’re experts in as-a-service offerings. From colocation to cloud, managed services, and disaster recovery, we meet our customers where they are on their journey to digital transformation.” To add to the foundation that TierPoint has been built on, the company is set on protecting its employees and customers, enabling optimal customer experiences, growing revenue, and optimizing costs through innovative technology.

As a result of this, TierPoint places security as the primary priority. The company builds solutions around security rather than the other way around. The architects and engineers at TierPoint use a proactive, security-first approach that helps ensure your data is secure by design. Since more employees are choosing remote work settings, there is a risk that other device users could inadvertently download malware, steal passwords or personal data, or steal the device. TierPoint considers both physical and digital insecurities before designing the data security solutions.

TierPoint prides itself on being cloud neutral. This means that a client’s path to the cloud is unique to the business. The TierPoint team consists of certified cloud architects who offer unbiased advice on how you can achieve an optimal migration to the cloud. Whether it’s private cloud, multitenant, or public cloud, the team helps determine the most successful roadmap to the cloud for your business.

A recent success story associated with TierPoint is their collaboration with Build-A-Bear. Before the pandemic, Build-A-Bear had begun developing a more interactive, three-dimensional e-commerce site to enhance user engagement. Their goal was to create a more entertaining, virtual buying experience. To realize Build-A-Bear’s vision of a virtual online store, they needed access to advanced graphics technology, expertise in 3D design, and a customized cloud environment. TierPoint’s Private Cloud was of great help in creating and supporting this vision. TierPoint’s next-generation CleanIP™ network security solution provided threat protection and visibility via rapid intelligent response, security expertise, and specialized hardware. The new Bear Builder 3D Workshop is expected to help the company attract, engage, and grow its digital consumer base.

While helping businesses to accelerate their strategies, TierPoint goes to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. Through extensive discussions about the concerns, planned business outcomes, and brand goals, the TierPoint team works together to ensure smooth transitions, builds, and continued growth of the IT infrastructure that aligns with the client’s digital transformation strategies.

As a final note, CEO Kent remarks, “At Tierpoint, we care about people, value outstanding work, demand integrity and embrace a culture of positivity and inclusivity. These values don’t just hang on the wall; they are how we inform our business decisions and the foundation upon which we build our partnerships.