TigerTMS – Powering Technology for the Hospitality Industry

As one of the leading travel and hospitality companies, TigerTMS is on a quest to revolutionize the hospitality landscape. The global hospitality industry works diligently to provide comfortable and convenient accommodation experiences. However, hoteliers require digital assistance as operations rapidly shift to online spaces. TigerTMS, with its customer-first approach, supplies communications and guest management systems to its clients.

TigerTMS develops applications and middleware software with integrated voice and data solutions. The company’s BYOD and innovative solutions provide world-class tools to renowned and large hotel chains and independent hoteliers. Consumer patterns are constantly changing. Factors such as the onset of the global pandemic, natural disasters, rising costs, and travel restrictions make user behaviors unpredictable.

Keeping the evolving trends, consumer expectations, and hotel support systems, TigerTMS’ practical solutions combat hospitality challenges. In addition to travel costs and restrictions, the hospitality environment faces an acute staff shortage. The pandemic led to hotel employees switching to contactless industries or returning to their hometowns or countries. The lack of manual support and staff retention negatively affected hotels’ guest maintenance and satisfaction rates.

The sudden migration to online platforms required the hospitality sector to implement digital tools. TigerTMS’ services offered hoteliers respite and solutions, helping them meet changing consumer expectations and digital technology. With its tools, TigerTMS tackles the problems of online orders, guest bookings, QR codes, and virtual socializing.

In hospitality and hotels, the telephone system itself now is an intercom system, between the guest’s room and room service, or concierge or reception, but very rarely would anybody use the telephone in the room to make an outside call. Hospitality is moving towards a cloud offering now, and the more enlightened hotel groups have already started to make the change,” said John Owen, CEO of TigerTMS.

Launched in the 1970s, TigerTMS uses its decades of expertise to design practical and tailored solutions. Its iLink solution is the central communication platform of all TigerTMS tools and applications. Guests expect the latest and most advanced technology to make their stay comfortable, such as automatic check-in and check-out, mobile applications, instant communication with the hotel staff, and personalized TV messages.

iLink allows hotels to provide their guests with premium accommodation services. Its Middleware approach enables hotel groups to offer their guests PMS, telephone, Wi-Fi, TV systems, housekeeping, wake-up, minibar, and emergency notification interfaces.

TigerTMS’ iCharge Enterprise is a high-quality hospitality communication management system. It transforms the hospitality industry by providing guests with seamless front and back office services. Since every hotel has individual needs, TigerTMS’ iCharge Enterprise solution uses PBX, voicemail, high-speed internet, and property management systems to adapt to personalized hotel requirements. Its call accounting system generates accurate real-time reports, allowing hotel systems to optimize and enhance their guest experience.

iCharge’s communication management features use comprehensive insights to offer features, such as a dashboard view of room status, occupancy status, and system alerts. It also accelerates billing through guest voice usage and automatically produces detailed operational reports.

With its innLine solution, TigerTMS empowers its clients with voice messaging, wake-up management, and room status services. The innLine application is integrated into a hotel’s property management system, making it compatible with changing hospitality needs. This tool supports multiple languages on a single multilingual platform, enables guest voice messaging, provides wake-up calls, allows group messaging, and displays room status for efficient housekeeping.

The iGuest application is an innovative guest service and emergency notification solution. Designed for the Mitel MiVB platform, this tool equips a hotel’s staff with real-time information to improve the guest experience and support emergency notifications. It provides front-line hotel staff with guest data derived from the hotel PMS, builds easy-to-use handsets to answer calls, and displays visual emergency calls and alerts.

iPortal is another unique solution in TigerTMS’ arsenal. It allows hotels to take extra bookings, improve the guest experience, and enable guests to share their information using mobile-operated QR codes. iGuest’s customized branding, reservation speed, check-in and check-out services, enhanced messaging, and dashboard analytics assist in increasing a hotel’s revenue.

TigerTMS’ iNotify feature is an enhanced messaging platform. It integrates hotel systems with pre-existing applications on a guest’s device, such as iMessage or WhatsApp, to send and receive guest requests. It eliminates the need for a separate application, sends secure and encrypted messages, supports photos and images, provides automatic answers, and supports emergency and departure notifications.