Toast – Restaurant Point of Sale & Management System

In today’s times, where everything is digital, restaurants must follow suit to thrive. Meeting changing consumer patterns at every step ensures a successful business and a positive customer experience. One of the leading POS solution providers, Toast aims to deliver top-notch services to restaurants and other food outlets.

The current food industry faces various obstacles that hinder its growth. As times change, so do consumer behaviors and demands. However, restaurants encounter numerous challenges due to the need for better products and services. Problems, such as labor shortages, multiple vendors, transportation costs, complex programs, slow integration, and the global pandemic, account for challenges in the food sector.

Founded in 2011, Toast uses over a decade of expertise to empower restaurants in the country. With its all-in-one platform, Toast transforms the food landscape. The POS solution provider connects employees, integrates operations, and ensures optimum guest experiences through a user-friendly medium that allows restaurants to provide excellent hospitality services. Regardless of the size, Toast equips food outlets with the latest tools and technologies for better revenue and improved functions.

Toast provides a centralized and customer-centric solution to combat the challenges restaurants encounter. Its products merge cloud-based software and restaurant-designed hardware to build a central platform that covers digital orders and delivery, payroll, HR, and guest services. Toast’s Point of Sale product increases revenue, streamlines operations, and ensures guest satisfaction. The ePOS tool handles orders on a single cloud-driven medium and enables transparent payment processing to connect restaurant owners, employees, and consumers.

Every stakeholder in this restaurant, community, and restaurant ecosystem is going through a transformation, and the transformation revolves around digital and how could a digital-first mentality drive change,” said Chris Comparato, CEO of Toast.

The Point of Sale product provides tableside service, allowing your team to spend more time with guests, learn their patterns, offer efficient services, and accelerate the billing process. The tableside feature also significantly reduces the number of times servers travel back and forth from the tables through centralized Epos. Furthermore, this tool processes NFC, digital wallets, and card payments and allows customers to receive electronic or text receipts at the table.

With its kitchen display screen, Point of Sales effortlessly connects front-end and back-end staff, helping them monitor KDS anytime and anywhere through multiple screen sizes. Additionally, all-day display and production item counting enables spending more time in food preparation than counting tickets and routing orders to the correct number, whether dine-in, takeout, or delivery.

Point of Sales’ analytics and reporting features provides a detailed report of the restaurant’s performance by monitoring its statistics remotely and on any device. It generates a unified view of sales and labor costs, allowing you to gauge your sales summary, integrate payment, and receive accurate insights.

Toast’s Payment Processing product saves time and money during billing or checkout. It prints the menu prices clearly, connects restaurants and banks on a single platform, and enables encrypted transactions to prevent financial fraud. Its simple, transparent pricing comprises custom-built rates and no hidden charges.

The Payment Processing feature increases system security to detect and eliminate potentially dangerous transactions in real time. Its hardware is equipped with chip-and-pin and NFC-contactless technology to prevent fraudulent transactions. Additionally, the PCI-compliant Level 1 service provider secures a customer’s payment information, preventing data leaks. This tool encrypts payment information to stop card theft, data breach, and unauthorized access to financial statements.

Toast assists over 74,000 restaurants, helping them improve their performance. One of Toast’s clients, BANG, a Dublin City-based restaurant and wine outlet, required a new management platform. The dining eatery wanted to improve its guest service and front-end and back-end operations.

BANG used Toast’s product, Toast Go® 2, to manage its functions, consumer rush, and other processes. Toast Go® 2 accelerated tableside services by preventing input errors and sending orders directly to the kitchen. The tableside ordering process and Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) improved ticket turn time by over six percent and sped-up order, cooking, and delivery times.