Transform Payments Europe 2023 Conference

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CIOCoverage is an official Media Partner with Transform Payments Europe 2023 starting from November 21st 2023.

The European payments landscape is in the midst of a revolutionary period fueled by new regulation, surging fraud, and cutting-edge payment architecture. While these challenges loom large, a comprehensive approach that prioritizes cross-sector collaboration and customer-centricity promises a massive opportunity for businesses to thrive in an industry projected to hit $3 trillion by 2026.

Transform Payments Europe 2023 conference will bring together Europe’s foremost payments leaders and policy makers to chart a course towards the future of the industry. Expect deep dives into the implications of The Consumer Duty, instant payments enablement, payment infrastructure adaptations, legacy tech-stack migration, product innovations, and fraud prevention. Experience the power of partnership as global financial institutions, merchants, and their partners converge in London to unlock explosive growth through seamless payments.

Event Link – Transform Payments Europe 2023

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