Trufla Technology – Powering Insurance Brokers & Agencies With Innovative Solutions

As the digital revolution reigns in a larger sphere of influence with every passing day, the insurance business has seen an unprecedented rise in consumers who demand a more engaging, omnichannel experience when dealing with their insurance policy – from purchase to service.

Trufla Technology was hatched out of a brokerage, making them uniquely enabled to understand all the intricacies of an insurance brokerage, from the acquisition of the client to quoting, binding, and the issuance of policies to servicing their clients – the entire life cycle of an insurance policy.

It is a Canadian-based company housing 100 developers, and a support team that has been known to come out with the best digital tools for the distribution of insurance globally.

In an ever-competitive online and digital space, Trufla Technology leaves no stone unturned in leveraging its insurance expertise to building the best tools for brokerages and agencies from across the world as it aids them in managing and growing their respective businesses or enterprises.

“Our vision is to be the most trusted technology provider for the distribution of insurance globally. Our approach is to provide real-world insurance expertise and apply the technology on top to provide the most value to our clients in managing and growing their businesses,”  says Sherif Gemayel, CEO of Trufla Technology.

Trufla Technology and its insurtech was hand-crafted by brokers, and engineered by top-shelf specialists from the tech space. Its suite of products includes everything from lead management tools, custom rates, mobile apps, digital scorecards, and more. Moreover, it is out with a broad range of digital marketing services such as websites, SEO, and digital advertising.

Connectivity, scalability, and user experience have always been at the heart of Trufla Technology’s business model. This eventually results in Trufla Technology empowering brokerages to pick the tools they need now and facilitates the flexibility they need to add on others later.

“Every one of our clients is in a different place on their digital journey. We engage our clients by understanding their pain points and bringing technological solutions to the table,” continues Sherif Gemayel.

If one is to take a more analytical view when trying to understand the company they will realize that Trufla Technology currently works with four of the top ten brokerages globally with its technology.

Similarly, one who believes that results speak more than anyone else will likely appreciate how Trufla Technology had aided one of its clients of which is a global brokerage based in the United States – that had approached two companies to build their quote, bind, and issue platform for the distribution of their products around the world.

It was then that Trufla Technology was brought on to rebuild this platform as they expanded their product portfolio and were chosen as the preferred technology partner to distribute their products globally.

The Trufla delivery methodology may indeed be what gives it the edge as compared to other industry players and cater to such high-end needs – UX is at the heart of everything it does as Trufla Technology believes that it is the biggest step towards achieving a seamless merger of technology, creativity, and design.

Trufla Technology carries out five key stages for every project, of which it calls the “5 Ds,” Discover, Define, Design, Develop and Deliver. Together, these “5 Ds” make up its philosophy and its process.

To achieve this, Trufla Technology has formed multiple agile teams, each owning the delivery of a portfolio of products and/or projects. Each of these self-organizing, cross-functional teams focus on developing an environment with strong communications and collaboration related to the iterative launch of the respective deliverables.

The Trufla Technology story has just begun as it has recently begun to conceptualize an aggressive strategy to be executed in 2022 as it expands its reach into the US market and other global regions.