Trumid – A differentiated trading solution

As one of the fastest-growing FinTech companies, Trumid believes in maintaining the integrity and safety of trading practices. Many up-and-coming and established companies depend on trading to expand their business while simultaneously ensuring a seamless customer experience. Trumid provides its clients with new and unique solutions, effective products, and market knowledge to create informed trading strategies.

Combining the latest technological developments, a user-friendly design, and financial expertise, Trumid delivers an engaging trading medium to its customers. Run by a team of income professionals and financial advisors, the FinTech company aims to develop innovative tools and offer valuable services to assist companies in expanding their projects safely and enhance liquidity and user participation.

Launched in 2014, Trumid incorporates its years of experience dealing with the financial environment to understand the sector’s patterns and user behavior and design a uniform central platform that combats the challenges and factors affecting the present trading sphere. One major challenge users face navigating the financial sector is data vulnerability. In today’s business landscape, online and cloud-based applications play a pivotal role. Digitization runs the business industry by backing up data or managing client files. However, with most operations switching to online spaces, cybersecurity has become a concerning issue. The lack of cybersecurity results in a data breach, leaked confidential information, economic losses, client dissatisfaction, and identity fraud.

Another obstacle that marks the financial environment is regulatory policies. Since financial services and new applications have merged, regulation policies governing the sector have increased. Regulations create a framework and list guidelines to prevent cyber hacks and fraud and protect client data and investment. However, given the broadness of the guidelines, various FinTech companies fail to comply with the regulatory policies and demands.

Finally, the third most significant challenge hindering financial development is the lack of technological assistance. Financial companies require well-maintained and the latest tech applications and servers to meet their business goals. Unfortunately, due to the lack of expertise, companies often use old and redundant applications that do not accommodate seamless user navigation, client satisfaction, and financial accessibility. With these financial obstacles in mind, Trumid aims to design products and solutions to ensure its clients meet regulatory policies without enduring safety and technical issues.

The New York, US-based company offers a central network medium involving a connected technology and optimized liquidity for all clients. Prioritizing its customers’ business ideas, Trumid thinks out of the box and develops new solutions, designs, and workflow to create an enjoyable user journey and make trading customized and convenient.

To repeat our grand vision, we will become the most fluid, dependable electronic connection for large institutions to communicate, transact and own data streams across products and across the globe,” said Ronnie Mateo, Founder, and Co-CEO of Trumid.

Trumid has built a vast and diverse ecosystem that accommodates protocols and trading solutions customized per individual user requirements and needs. Trumid’s singular easy-to-use platform uses leading-edge products, technology designs, and a productive work approach to add to the overall liquidity sphere so that clients can reap the benefits of trading. The FinTech company offers an optimized trading experience, integrated financial knowledge, and flexible protocols through Attribute Training, Anonymous Trading, and List Trading.

Attribute trading is a relationship-centered protocol that enables users to check prices, indulge in mutual negotiation, and execute. This feature makes liquidity and workflow solutions accessible to its users, regardless of whether they sell or buy. Anonymous trading includes an innovative hybrid platform that supports liquidity and limits order protocols to enable firm and trade-upon-clicking liquidity. List trading comprises a workflow-based approach, prioritizing data security and list-based trading practices.

The USA-based company believes in providing a customized experience. Every company has unique goals and preferences, and finding a solution that adapts to their specific approach is tricky. Trumid aims to eliminate this challenge by designing a platform that offers users personalized offers catering to their interests and needs. Using Trumid’s application, clients can select tags based on their trading preferences, create personal lists, turn on individual notifications, and trade ideas and suggestions about investment bonds, market value, and liquidity.

Another feature incorporated in Trumid’s application is Data Aggregation. This feature allows customers to learn about market data and obtain financial knowledge to make informed trading decisions through authentic pre-data trade sources. Trumid’s unified platform allows convenient access to pricing data, reference data, and additional third-party market rates. Trumid’s Protocol Flexibility lets users choose a protocol that meets their ideas to execute their goals and enable threat identification. Liquidity and Technology is an essential component of Trumid’s solution, as it assists clients in interacting with high-touch and algorithmic liquidity sources to access rare and inaccessible aggregated liquidity.

In addition to providing solutions, Trumid also designs products that support those solutions. The company’s quantitative products acquire valid and reliable data to develop accurate market insights and optimize trading practices. Trumid’s Bond Price Lookup FVMP™ uses around 20,000 USD-denominated bonds to predict TRACE™ print updates, include mid-levels, confidence scores, and bid offers, and deliver an optimum trading experience.

FVMP’s monthly performance reports serve as an accurate and objective measurement of fair value and help clients reach best-in-class results regarding corporate bonds. Since market values constantly fluctuate, FVMP automatically updates model design and performance monthly and uploads benchmarking performance results.

Trumid takes pride in collaborating with various companies and businesses to make their trading experience comfortable and convenient. The corporate bond market does not serve a uniform purpose; every user demands a different approach. The liquidity and solutions must cater to the client’s requirements and demands. Trumid worked with the AWS Machine Learning Solutions Lab to build an ML system that produces a personalized trading experience by eliminating financial challenges and molding the sector per user bond preferences.

Trumid created an end-to-end data preparation, model training, and inference application modeled on a deep neural network. Using the Deep Graph Library for Knowledge Embedding network, Trumid’s ML models sped up the data retrieval and execution time and displayed personalized, relevant, actionable information to each customer.