Tulip – Cloud-Based Solutions Built to Transform Retail

Amidst the dynamic evolution of the retail management sector, the quest for seamless and efficient solutions has reached unprecedented heights. Retailers are actively seeking cutting-edge technologies to elevate customer experiences, streamline operations, and maintain a competitive edge. In an arena where each interaction carries significant weight, Tulip emerges as a catalyst for operational excellence and heightened customer engagement. Tulip’s suite of services harnesses advanced AI and cloud-based capabilities, driving the digital transformation of the retail industry.

Tulip enhances retail management experiences through its omnichannel Point-of-Sale and Clienteling solutions, systematizing and automating the clienteling process for authentic and consistent customer interactions. The company’s Connect solutions facilitate authentic customer connections at scale by providing cloud-based mobile solutions that bridge the gap between customer needs and associate expertise. The platform boasts impressive client outcomes, including a 55% increase in clienteling conversion rate, a 47% increase in average order value, and a 4% increase in in-store sales over twelve months. Additionally, there has been a 2x increase in e-commerce conversion rates and a 50% reduction in time spent scheduling each week.

Notable features of Tulip’s Clienteling solution include 360-degree customer profiles, individualized follow-ups, and integrated multi-channel communication. The platform enables personalized outreach through various SMS, emails, videos, and social messaging tools. It emphasizes the importance of the proactive development of one-on-one relationships with customers.

Tulip maximizes associate productivity and consistency through features like client book management, automated associate task lists, and centralized outreach. The platform helps onboard new hires efficiently and aligns associate incentives and objectives, leading to a 55% increase in clienteling conversion rates and a 16% increase in client book customers.

To empower store associates, Tulip offers flexible sales attribution models and dashboards for tracking performance against key performance indicators (KPIs). The platform defines clienteling uniquely for each retailer, emphasizing systematization and automation to create authentic, seamless, and consistent customer experiences across channels.

Tulip is dedicated to unlocking the potential of stores as powerful forces for experience, community, and commerce. Our platform is pivotal for the digital transformation of retail. — Ali Asaria, CEO

Tulip’s enterprise-grade appointment booking system offers online booking, automated communications, and customizable branding. The system is built for scale, accommodating millions of bookings and addressing the importance of in-person appointments, with 75% of customers more likely to visit a business with an appointment.

Tulip’s LiveConnect connects online shoppers with in-store associates through live video or chat, addressing the rising trend of online shopping. The platform focuses on maximizing store productivity and increasing e-commerce conversion rates, meeting the preferences of shoppers who consider live chat important.

Tulip’s Store Fulfillment solution enables retailers to efficiently fulfill online orders, offering curbside pickup, in-store pickup, and ship-from-store options. The platform addresses the demand for flexible shopping experiences, including curbside and in-store pickup, with features like order tracking, simplified packing workflows, and integration capabilities.

Tulip Runner connects store associates with backroom employees or runners to quickly retrieve products, creating a seamless shopping experience. It optimizes workflow with mobile inventory access, one-touch request capabilities, and support for wearables.

The Operate solutions leverage AI to optimize store performance through Performance Planning, providing AI-powered retail diagnostics for risk detection, opportunity analysis, and actionable recommendations. Its Intelligent Staff Scheduling feature, a user-friendly labor hour management interface, creates performance-optimized schedules, saving managers time and maximizing labor budgets with automated workforce scheduling.

Tulip’s secure and extensible cloud solution ensures seamless integration with various systems through API-driven connections. The platform supports integration with ERP, identity and access management, inventory management, POS, and more. The Bamboo Extensibility Framework allows for customization and adaptation to unique business processes.

Tulip is revolutionizing retail technology with a cloud-based suite, partnering with Apple and Salesforce. Crafted specifically for retail, its purpose-built solutions offer continuous improvements through versionless delivery, ensuring immediate wins and flexible integration with existing infrastructure.