TwinThread – Industrial AI That Transforms Your World

As one of the leading digital twin companies, TwinThread has already established itself as the world’s first cloud-native industrial SaaS, combining digital twins with emerging and groundbreaking technologies like artificial intelligence to prioritize and ensure continuous developmental initiatives that regulate process and asset quality, throughput, authenticity, and sustainability.

TwinThread is driven by a powerful mission to empower manufacturers and field-based equipment providers worldwide to transition from reactive to predictive to autonomous operations. The company’s goal is to deliver exemplary results at every process stage, transforming industries and setting new standards. Designed by industrial automation and digital manufacturing experts, TwinThread’s Industrial Operations Platform is a centralized, purpose-built medium that revolutionizes operations, reducing costs, increasing quality, and achieving immediate and high ROI.

With its all-in-one digital twin platform, TwinThread utilizes existing data to create a digital twin of the entire operation. It transforms raw data into valuable information through pre-built KPIs and optimized applications, empowering organizations to operate autonomously and efficiently. This cloud-native, digital twin-based industrial medium delivers automatable insights accurately and quickly, pushing the boundaries of innovation and elevating scalability.

Granting unparalleled visibility into all aspects of industrial operations, TwinThread’s digital twin models provide the structure and context needed to automate insights across all physical assets, production lines, and plants. With Azure and Digital Twin’s scalable asset management and machine learning capabilities, TwinThread simplifies complex functions and eliminates maintenance problems across the entire enterprise.

The TwinThread digital twin platform performs a simple deployment process, allowing smart agents to automatically discover data points throughout the network and making it easy to identify, connect, and obtain data. As smart agents collect and measure data, the software creates an exact virtual version of the operating environment, mirroring all its physical characteristics in a digital space. Upon the creation of the digital twin, the model’s library of pre-built analysis applications delivers insightful, granular, and comprehensive reports of the automation performance, including specific and detailed corrective actions to boost efficiency.

We embrace the opportunity to deploy pilot projects that deliver proof of value for outcomes and that as well is very unique. In doing so, we want to roadmap and fund future opportunities for our customers. — Erik Udstuen, CEO

TwinThread’s platform doesn’t limit its functions to digital twin capabilities. It also helps uncover enterprise-wide digital potential with robust pre-built tools, including dashboard monitors, intelligent alerts and actions, curated datasets, digital threads, model factories, data science templates, development APIs, and Office 360 Integration.

Headquartered in Virginia, US, TwinThread extends its digital twin services to organizations and networks across the globe. A multinational consumer product company specializing in producing and distributing household, healthcare, and personal care products was in the process of transitioning into a more innovative array, looking for ways to drive empowerment, experimentation, and digitization.

The company implemented TwinThread’s Industrial Operations platform to accelerate its manufacturing innovation strategy and witnessed staggering results due to the power of TwinThread’s digital twin model and predictive operations technology. With the help of TwinThreads, the company implemented next-generation smart sensors to monitor in-line product quality and other variables to collect insights into the digital twin and predict results more accurately.

The consumer product company also shifted from manual and offline collection processes, allowing the digital twin to combat problems of inconsistent sample timings, inaccurate data check results, and manual errors. Furthermore, eliminating the need for manual methods to track operational data allowed the client to automate alert generation and response and create a closed-loop autonomous process without human intervention.

TwinThread’s Industrial Operations platform provided relevant KPI reports, making them visible to the right people. Moreover, this platform ensures operators differ from plant or process managers, helping the company conduct successful rollouts.