Twitter Introduces Ads Revenue Sharing Program for Verified Users

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Twitter’s Elon Musk announced that the social media platform will start sharing ad revenue generated from profile visit views. This program would double the payout to creators via Stripe. However, the move is only limited to verified users to avoid fraudulent view counts or bot hacks. Musk also stressed that the payouts would not solely depend on impressions. They would also depend on the number of ads shown to other verified users. He claimed this approach would make the revenue-sharing move fair and transparent.

In April, Musk removed the legacy blue ticks that acted as verification badges for users and gave Twitter Blue subscribers the verification icon instead to ensure they were running the accounts from recognized individuals or organizations. Under this new ads revenue sharing program, users subscribed to Twitter Blue and with over five-million monthly tweet impressions for the last three months will be eligible. The first round of creator revenue will sum up to $5 million and will be cumulative from February.

Musk released the announcement after Twitter launched the ads revenue sharing program for creators, resulting in some users receiving handsome payouts. Many users expressed appreciation to Musk and shared screenshots of the payment obtained. One Twitter Blue creator received $69,420 through the new program.

In another statement, Musk mentioned that Twitter was experiencing financial troubles and negative cash flow due to a significant reduction in advertising revenue and a hefty debt amount. He claimed that Twitter’s primary responsibility is generating a positive cash flow before investing in other initiatives or rolling out new features.

The ad revenue sharing program is crucial for Twitter to achieve positive cash flow, as it offers creators extra incentives while generating more engagement on the platform. Allowing verified users to receive part of the ad revenue would create a flourishing environment, resolve Twitter’s debt problems, and improve the user experience.

The move to provide payouts to creators reflects Elon Musk’s dedication to transforming Twitter and making it an innovative platform. By implementing this program and increasing the rate limit for verified users, Twitter aims to create a fair, vibrant, transparent, and financially beneficial ecosystem for its creators while also achieving its goals and solving cash flow issues.

Twitter said in a blog post that the portal for the ad revenue sharing program’s application process will launch soon. Musk first announced this program earlier this year in February.

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