Universal Display Corporation – World-class IP Innovator, Technology Developer, Patent Licensor & Materials Supplier

Display technology is ubiquitous in the modern world, so much so that one often takes it for granted. Ever wondered what a smartwatch, tablet, smartphone, and television have in common? The answer is OLED technology. Organic light-emitting diodes are electronic components with layered organic films that emit light in response to electricity. If there’s a name above all names in OLED technology, it is unequivocally Universal Display Corporation (UDC).

Founded by Sherwin Seligsohn in 1994, Universal Display Corporation had humble beginnings. Originally an R&D startup with three employees, it matured into an international industry leader in 19 years. Its mission is to create, develop, and commercialize the next generation of displays and solid-state lighting applications through powerful proprietary technology.

At UDC, innovation is the name of the game. As of February 2023, it has 5,500 issued and pending patents worldwide. The formidable number of patents speaks to the steep demand and the inimitable quality of the products and the company’s confidence in them. After all, an entity will chase patents only if the sales revenue of its invention is guaranteed to outweigh the application costs. UDC’s patented products enhance the performance and features of its collaborators’ products, such as Samsung’s Galaxy series and LG’s OLED televisions, thereby giving them a competitive edge and increasing their value.

As a leading technology development and licensing company in the OLED industry, Universal Display Corporation’s goal is to make our proprietary OLED technologies for generations of display and lighting applications. — Steven V. Abramson, President, CEO, and Director

The electrical power industry is responsible for emitting 10 billion tons of CO2 annually. In a time when environmental concerns are peaking but a world without electric lights is unthinkable, UDC shows that one can have the cake and eat it, too. Its UniversalPHOLED® technology for bulbs and tubes offers significant energy savings and environmental benefits. These thermally stable phosphorescent devices have low operating temperatures and produce negligible amounts of plasma, reducing energy consumption by >50% while providing 4x greater luminous efficacy than conventional fluorescent OLEDs.

Mind-bending technological innovations are causing audible gasps and stunned silences. UDC is not only envisioning but also enabling the future of technology through its FOLED® (Flexible OLED) devices. Built on plastic or metal substrates, these components perfectly harmonize conformability with top-notch display capabilities and durability. This is the technology that structures and illuminates foldable screens, but its envisaged applications are just as compelling as its existing ones. Electronic newspapers, walls that double as televisions or computer screens, as well as automotive and aircraft displays along on surfaces, are some of the novelties FOLED® devices can bring to life. In addition to elevating its clients’ products, Universal Display Corporation intends to realize the UCD™ (Universal Communication Device), a pen with an inbuilt full-color, full-motion, roll-out display.

Lighting is a boon, but on the dark side, it causes 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions and accounts for 15% of worldwide electricity consumption. Moreover, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes pose disposal hazards due to their mercury content. UDC’s WOLED™ (White OLED) was designed to minimize these issues. It produces 150 lm/W with 12.5x luminous efficiency than an incandescent bulb. It is also the more desirable option due because it is versatile in application and easily configurable. Besides, the white color is tunable and temperature-adjustable with a Color Rendering Index between 80 and 90.

Universal Display Corporation began 2023 with a listing in Bloomberg’s list of 50 Companies to Watch. Tim Craighead, Bloomberg’s Director of Research, shortlisted businesses from across the world due to not only their market success but also their ability to catalyze perception shifts. It comes as no surprise because UDC is on a quest to revolutionize the way the world sees things, one light, and one screen at a time.