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Teleradiology is an emerging tool in the field of medical science. Medical science advancement relies on technologies and solutions that take healthcare to new heights by combining patient care and development. Despite being a relatively new technology, healthcare specialists are adopting it to make patient consultation and diagnosis more convenient. USARAD, a leading teleradiology solution provider, believes in transforming radiology by incorporating virtual solutions.

In today’s increasingly online operations, radiologists and physicians require a system that lets them treat patients without geographical restraints and a lack of resources. USARAD provides innovative solutions that transmit radiological patient images, such as MRIs and CTs, from location to location, making it easier for radiologists to offer their services anytime and anywhere.

USARAD Holdings, Inc. is a radiologist-based company that offers imaging centers, radiology groups, multispecialty groups, orthopedic clinics, and mobile units, including X-rays, PET, and ultrasound. USARAD understands the need for on-demand services and helps its clients access a network of highly specialized radiologists as and when needed.

Launched in 2008, USARAD uses decades of knowledge and expertise to design and deliver the latest technologies. Its services allow hospitals and healthcare specialists to provide urgent care services remotely. USARAD’s tools ensure enhanced patient experiences and build a robust radiology infrastructure.

It will make a difference every day for so many people, and we love hearing stories almost on a daily basis. We can help patients, and we know science to continue this mission,” said Michael Yuz, CEO of USARAD.

With its Radiology-on-Demand technology, USARAD provides timely and accurate image reviewing. Its highly skilled specialists, board-certified fellowship-trained radiologists, and cardiologists perform consultations and interpretations during urgent or immediate cases.

USARAD’s Radiology Information System (RIS) is a hundred percent web-based platform that allows clients to access reports whenever they want, regardless of their location. RI creates customizable reports, supports automatic invoice generation, automates TAT calculation, and thoroughly audits reports and processes using RIS AUDIT Function.

Using integrated digital diction, web-based transcription, voice recognition, and report distribution choices, RIS instantly refers doctors and sends reports to multiple locations, including numerous attending physicians and imaging facilities. With RIS, USADARD provides reporting and report distribution options, such as secure web-based report access and facsimile transmission options, to meet coverage requirements.

It is essential to create archives of medical images so clients and radiologists can view them at any time. USARAD’s Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS) uses patented technology with breakneck transmission speeds.

For instance, transmitting a standard CT with two-hundred images takes around three minutes, unlike outdated systems that take over twenty minutes. PACS also supports customizable mouse-click behavior by studying report patterns, provides real-time MRP, CPR, and MIP rendering, and automates vessel analysis.

With its Radiology-as-a-Service (RaaS) model, USARAD worked with Nano-X Imaging Ltd (Nanox) to deploy 3,000 Nanox systems that detect cancer and other illnesses in their early stages. Nanox ARC, one of the most potent weapons in USARAD’s arsenal, is a cloud-based software that provides end-to-end medical imaging. It supports image repositories, online and offline diagnostic reviews and annotations, connectivity to various AI systems, billing and reporting, and matching radiologists.

USARAD’s radiology AI Second Opinion Program combines over three hundred radiologist experts and AI tools to create algorithm-based advanced solutions. It uses 2D and 3D tomosynthesis AI tools to enable the seamless interpretation of large datasets through unique workflows that prioritize emergency cases. This program has three categories:

  • Population health screening and analysis for coronary conditions, stroke prevention, and osteoporosis
  • Post-acute treatment of urgent issues, such as pneumothorax, acute fractures, and pneumonia
  • Routine quality assurance cases for lung diseases, tumors, and incidental vertebral fractures.

The Florida-based company regularly collaborates with leading healthcare firms to make teleradiology accessible and efficient. For instance, USARAD’s collaboration with the German medical device company Siemens Healthineers on lung nodule detection created an AI-Rad Companion Chest CT software for detecting pulmonary nodules.