Utilismart Corporation – Best-in-Class Utility Data Management

Data and operational technologies are undergoing evolution at a rapid rate and this demands the regulation of management practices that are prevalent in many sectors. Utilismart Corporation aims to help its customers in designing solutions for all issues that revolve around utilities.

Offering a guiding hand to its clients during the digital transformation of utility services, Utilismart supports customers of all types to seamlessly navigate through the smart grid technology. Steve Ray, President of Utilismart says, “Utilismart Corporation provides advanced MDM-driven analytics, along with a wide range of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) software solutions and data services for Utilities, Municipalities, Industrial, Commercial and Residential customers.”

Improving system reliability, driving operational efficiency, and reducing distribution system management costs are services that Utilismart is more than proficient in providing. For over 20 years, Utilismart Corporation has prided itself on the successful delivery of solutions that are comprehensive and exemplary in accelerating digital transformation.

Management of meter data and outage, engineering analysis, asset management, and billing are the most commonly provided services. Grid visualization, rate analysis, and efficient management of energy are some other areas that Utilismart has solutions for.

As a flourishing leader in the utilities tech industry, Utilismart strives for the perfect management of complex big data solutions that delivers the 21st-century digital grid to the customers. With a solutions-driven team that has great experience in the industry and cutting-edge technical knowledge to craft software solutions, results are always 100% satisfactory.

Our mission is to solve our customer’s problems, the ones they have today and the ones they will experience tomorrow“, says Steve Ray. 

Utilismart Corporation has been one of the leading providers of settlement services to utilities throughout Ontario since 2002. Built on the strong foundation of industry expertise, Utilismart has services that understand the settlement processes in the marketplace and the needs of customers as well.

Utilismart Corporation doesn’t compromise on anything when it comes to the protection of its clients. With data centers that incorporate state-of-the-art technology that can not only manage but also secure data, systems for utilities of all sizes are in the best hands possible.

Equipped with the best security systems in the world, Utilismart is well-prepared to safeguard customer data from unauthorized access. In order to strengthen the data facilities, Utilismart ensures that all the facilities are PCI, DSS, CSAE  3416 type II, SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II, and ISAE 3402 type II certified.

Utilismart Corporation provides turnkey meter data management agent services including several data collection systems including MV90xi (Itron), EA_MS (Elster), and TMS (SmartSynch). These services are available under numerous managed offering options. Apart from meter data collection, Utilismart’s solutions also include a state-of-the-art VEE engine to load the meter data from multiple sources to a common format.

Transforming the collected data into a validated state for billing and providing the same data in various file formats to support a range of billing applications, Utilismart’s solutions are the most trusted ones across North America, by both small and mid-sized utilities.

Joining hands with Rogers Communication Inc., Utilismart offers cellular services that work as a part of the turnkey solution bundled with meter reading services. This partnership also delivers a private cellular APN service for smart grid devices to distribution utilities in the North American region.

More than delivering software solutions successfully, Utilismart Corporation believes in a service that improves customer relations and fosters client satisfaction. Committed to positively impacting the customer’s daily operations, Utilismart takes the utmost care to build unique solutions that are tailored to the customer’s problems.

With purpose-built solutions that meet customer’s demands, Utilismart endeavors to deliver the best experience for both utilities and their clients. Collaborating with customers is one of Utilismart’s primary priorities, and will always remain so.