Valicom – Telecom & Technology Expense Management

The need for telecom expense management has seen an upward spiral as companies begin to understand the resources various wireless, voice, and data services consume. High-quality, innovative TEM solutions are the need of the hour, to facilitate today’s customer-centric marketplace.

Considering that the economy seems to be bogged down, companies struggle to understand how to best allocate their information technology, telecom, and accounts payable resources.

It is in times like this that Telecom Expense Management (TEM) service providers like Valicom are most needed. Streamlining operations and unlocking all-new savings is the ideal goal of every organization, but do they do not always know how much time their IT team is wasting.

When it comes to telecom expense management services, anything and everything can be an attribute of success. Most TEM providers claim that savings are a key indicator, and as a result, it is one that can be taken with a grain of salt. Valicom, however, offers quite a few additional perks that set it apart.

“We always touted our number one differentiator being our adaptability,” states Jeff Poirior, the President and Chief Operations Officer over at Valicom.

This itself is a critical component to the understanding and eventual provision of a TEM solution that is tailored to customer requirements. Moreover, Valicom has designed a collaborative strategy that provides a dedicated project manager and a supporting team of analysts during the client’s engagement with the company.

Clearview is a web-based SaaS platform offered up as a solution to Valicom customers, as an all-in-one suite to help companies manage inventory, contracts, invoices, and issues. The features that the TEM portal that seems to give clients an edge is, the invoice approval tool, variance flagging, and customized reporting.

Those who believe actions speak louder than words would be inclined to see what Valicom has done for its customers in the past.

One of the largest hospitality providers in the world sought out a WAN audit, contract review, cost allocation, and TEM software to manage over $50 Million in WAN spend from Valicom. When they had first approached Valicom, they were not actively tracking WAN inventory across their thousands of locations.

At which point, by utilizing its invoice and web portal access Valicom had developed a detailed inventory, conducted a comprehensive billing audit, and reviewed existing contracts for compliance. Even after the initial audit resulted in over 1.2 million dollars in savings, Valicom’s stellar team had managed to find scope for further  Valicom’s web-based TEM tool, Clearview. After a few months of coding and testing, Valicom was able to address the client’s needs with an added feature to Clearview, which has brought about near-instantaneous results.

Some of these results include an automated approval process via secure links, visibility into invoices in real-time, tailored invoice reporting, and audit markers to assist in identifying variance and billing issues.

“Valicom has always been rewarded for, long-term client relationships and continual high client satisfaction reviews.”

It is a company that has continually strived to showcase results and project a willingness to support its clients through a collaborative end-to-end process. It is a company that values its “people” and it is one that will not hesitate to go the extra mile.

Moreover, Valicom will soon be rolling out a new, “refreshed” user interface for the Clearview TEM Software based on a strong foundation of UX principles and current design trends.

It will be of no surprise that we can expect great things from Valicom in the near future. This holds to be even more likely, as Valicom has scaled to support the significant growth experienced over the past three years, and one can say without a doubt that 2021 is proving to be no exception.