Veritas – The Leader in Enterprise Data Management

Data management is the cornerstone of every business in the digital age. As companies move their operations to more digitally inclusive platforms, transferring data to hybrid or multi-cloud environments is necessary—this is where Veritas steps in. As one of the leading data migration companies, Veritas helps organizations, regardless of industry or size, simplify the complex system of management and protection of business-critical information.

With its expertise and integrated product portfolio, Veritas offers its clients innovative data migration solutions and services and a unified data management journey with exceptional performance and versatility from edge to core to cloud. Data migration on hybrid or multi-cloud platforms faces various challenges, such as cybersecurity threats, data sprawling, and high costs of end-user expenditure on public cloud services. Veritas solves these data migration issues with its expensive API and Ansible playbooks to interface remotely with any technology.

Whether enterprises use AWS for software development, Microsoft Azure for desktop operations, or Salesforce (SaaS) for your CRM platform, Veritas provides unmatched data migration solutions, such as Veritas Alta View to view and back up all data and Veritas analytics to receive insights, across all cloud and on-premise mediums to enable data control.

Veritas’ solutions increase application availability and make data more resilient by making data transfer across physical, virtual, hybrid- and multi-cloud, and container-based environments more flexible. Built to deliver enterprise-level portability, Veritas changes the data landscape of organizations by optimizing native cloud systems while boosting their functionality, allowing businesses to contribute to the shared responsibility model and ensure cloud resilience.

Digital transformation is incomplete without data migration, and seamless data migration is only possible when all cloud data and applications are protected beyond primary backups. Veritas’ multi-layered secures cloud data from every corner. With its Zero Trust foundations like MFA (Multifactor Authentication) and RBAC (role-based access control), Veritas enables granular access across all cloud infrastructures, thereby reducing cyber-attacks.

Furthermore, Veritas Alta Data Protection equips organizations with a single set of backup and recovery tools, including Anomaly Detection and Malware Scanning, Data Encryption, Immutable and Indelible Sotage, Isolated Recovery Environment, Recovery Orchestration and Rehearsals, Cloud Storage SaaS, and Disaster Recovery for Storage as a Service (DRaaS), compatible with all clouds and on-premises.

Veritas helps businesses navigate digital space by establishing and crossing digital transformation milestones. When strategizing for digital enhancement, including secure and seamless data archive migration is critical. With over 3,000 successful data migration processes for various sectors, such as finance, healthcare, and government, Veritas’ solutions align with most source systems and destination formats required by the industry.

With an integrated approach, Veritas ensures safe and fast data migration while maintaining stellar performance. Veritas’ customer-centric model is targeted towards gaining visibility across all on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud systems to understand how to transfer data without affecting functionality. This approach also ensures compliance through advanced and complete pre-and post-migration auditing of every transferred item to fix applications that failed to migrate. Veritas also maintains mobility by deploying flexible options, allowing organizations to choose where to archive data—on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

Veritas’ role in digital transformation is in the data transformation part of that. You cannot have digital transformation without transforming your data. We’re trying to make data mobile, protected, flexible, and visible. – Greg Hughes, CEO.

In addition to ensuring mobility, Veritas moves sensitive data without compromising compliance. As the top data migration company, Veritas’ teams are comprised of skilled and experienced data migration specialists who engineer advanced and innovative solutions that satisfy individual archiving needs. Their support empowers enterprises to set unique goals quickly, configure customizable options under expert guidance, and swiftly create and incorporate a compliance-safe strategy.

Veritas recognizes that every industry and company has individual needs and requirements and tailors its solutions to address unique archive challenges and offer cost-efficient migration options. The company helps companies determine which target archive best suits their data compliance needs and gives them the flexibility and control to migrate data confidently.

Veritas’ archive-agnostic migration services support all email formats and archive platforms, providing businesses with a personalized plan for all unique migration requirements, such as quickly moving Microsoft 365, Google, and related files, along with metadata proprietary, legacy, or “locked-in” archives without challenges.

Powered by world-class cloud-scale technology, Veritas believes in fully customizing data migration and transferring all applications beyond emails. Veritas’ data migration approach also includes ingesting and consolidating different types of communications data, adapting to new message platforms to ensure compliance, and flagging specific information to make future searches faster and more straightforward.

Flexibility and business functionality walk hand-in-hand; Veritas understands the importance of flexible targeting and allows data migration in all environments. Moreover, instead of simply making data migration compatible with multiple platforms, Veritas collects and processes data to devise cloud migration strategies to expose and delete irrelevant files beforehand to reduce overheard migration time and expenses and sift through data at regular intervals before data moves between storage levels.

With Veritas Alta Archiving, companies can archive data whenever, wherever, and however they want, directly in the cloud, on-premises using Enterprise Vault, or a platform that supports both. Furthermore, Veritas enables data management from more than 120 content sources by storing data directly to AWS S3 or Azure, including GovCloud solutions, and automatically recognizes data applications and content to archive them according to pre-specified instructions.

The Santa Clara, California-located company has equipped organizations across the globe with quick, effective, and cost-efficient data migration solutions while ensuring compliance and data security. A Veritas client, a financial data provider, wanted to move its core businesses to the public cloud. Due to regulatory compliance requirements, the company wanted to transfer 7 PB of related on-premises backups in the cloud for the long term. However, the backups were stored in a that did not support direct data migration.

Indirectly migrating data from a data protection system can lead to data loss and negative compliance implications. Therefore, the financial data provider asked for Veritas’ insight and guidance to help with the transition.

Veritas deployed Veritas Support and Insight to optimize the data migration process and used Veritas NetBackup to safely complete the transfer from legacy storage to the cloud. With Veritas’ assistance and solutions, the client could transfer the backups from three out of four data centers to Microsoft Azure cool storage without damaging or losing data. The migration allowed the company to lower the number of data centers and reduce the cloud data footprint of its backups by 70% using NetBackup software compression and deduplication.