Veritas Prime – We Raise Your Employee Experience

The core of every enterprise is its workforce. They succeed only when the employees join hands and can work as a unified and coordinated alliance. There are so many departments running simultaneously that employee management can seem quite strenuous and demanding. With new technologies coming up rapidly, there’s a need for a system that simplifies this process and helps keep the organization’s workforce in check.

Keeping this in mind, Veritas Prime was formed. They realized that there was a need for Human Experience Management (HXM) software that assists the organization and HR on how to increase efficiency when it comes to managing employees. Using new-age technology, communication, and digital tools, they created Veritas Prime. The idea behind the company lies in its name. Veritas translates to truth, and prime means excellence. Their motto is symbolic of their product and solutions: by achieving excellence in developing management software that is true, original, and authentic, they want to help companies all over the world.

Nick Begin, the managing partner of Veritas Prime, believes that the key to a thriving business is a motivated workforce team. According to him and the team of Veritas Prime, when employees are taken care of, then a company can ultimately provide their customers and clients with the best experience. Their company’s ideal rests on five major principles: Transparency, Innovation, Teamwork, Commitment, and Entrepreneurship.

Their partnership with SAPSuccessFactors and Qualtics to provide hybrid experiences is a testament to this. Qualtics functions intend to give the management team insightful reports and analytics that will help optimize employee performance. Nick Begin deeply emphasizes this particular aspect.

Upon the partnership with Qualtics, he stated, “The Qualtrics partnership is critical to our firm’s growth and will allow us to diversify our offerings beyond HR systems and payroll. Capturing feedback from stakeholders such as employees and customers is critical in business, no matter what industry you are in. When you are then able to pair that feedback data with other key data attributes, it allows you to respond and react strategically.” This goes to show how critical it is for the company to provide its customers with data so that they can enhance employee engagement and experience.

The company provides solutions that cover three main arenas- candidate experience, employee experience, and HR experience. The SAP SuccessFactors platform enables proper talent recruitment and management while helping employees in the process of learning and realizing their potential and goals. The HR, too, is provided with comprehensive solutions such as payroll management, attendance, regulating benefits, and so on. It is truly an integrated platform, which is exactly what they strived to create in the first place when they began their journey back in 2011.

Furthermore, the one thing that makes Veritas Prime stand out is its company culture. They have created a space where everyone is included in the process of decision-making. Everyone is made to feel like a valued member, and their opinions and respected and heard. They truly believe in teamwork, and while they help their customers and clients succeed, they help each other learn and grow to become well-rounded professionals. Twelve years since its inception, the Veritas Prime team has become one unit, a family, and its mission is to help the company reach greater heights by developing the software and making it more dynamic and diverse.

With some of the brightest minds working together to find the most unique and innovative solutions to help companies manage their talent base, Veritas Prime has earned its place as one of the Top 10 SAP Solution Providers to Watch in 2023 by CIOCoverage.