Veritas – The Leader in Enterprise Data Management

Veritas is one of the leading intelligent data management companies aiming to transform the data management sphere. With data forming the core of every business function—big or small—it is essential to organize and harness data systematically and efficiently. Veritas strives to develop creative and unique solutions to create a unified data management experience that enhances performance and supports versatile operations.

As organizations adapt to remote or hybrid work modes, managing data across the cloud and SaaS applications has become an urgent requirement. Veritas offers solutions and services that optimize multi-cloud data, ensure the availability of applications, increase cybersecurity, and accelerate data recovery.

The lack of proper tools and awareness during data migration leads to frequent ransomware attacks and compromises financial security. Confidential data is exposed and grants unauthorized access across physical, virtual, and cloud platforms. Veritas’s unified platform strengthens data protection and delivers multi-layered solutions for better security.

Complex data operations, new technology, third-party involvement, licenses, and infrastructure requirements generate more expenses. Veritas’s services provide scalable solutions that comply with regulatory policies.

Digitization requires companies to stay up-to-date with digital transformation for successful results. Integrated operations, regardless of a company’s size and industry, call for a streamlined compliance administration. Veritas’s compliance products harness intelligence across data points to provide uninterrupted access, offer insights, and prevent risks and vulnerabilities.

We’re trying to make data mobile, flexible, protected, available, and visible—and that’s really our role in data transformation,” said Greg Hughes, CEO of Veritas.

Founded in 1983, Veritas has decades of data management expertise and knowledge. The company uses its team of experts to devise customer-centric products for the data landscape, emphasizing data protection, availability, insights, and compliance. Veritas’s NetBackup and Cloud Scale technology uses automation, artificial intelligence, and a flexible IT architecture to create agile and secure data across cloud-based platforms. This product processes a hundred exabytes of information and delivers fast and accurate results.

Along with NetBackup, Veritas’s NetBackup Recovery Fault takes a simplified route to data protection. Outdated systems compromised data integrity due to slow systems and low immunity to IT risks. This product provides a single platform for all data points, including the public and private cloud workloads and on-premises data. It seamlessly integrates with NetBackup to increase cloud storage, provide scalability, and adhere to regulatory compliance policies.

Veritas’s SaaS Protection product offers clients an effective way to guard their data. SaaS vendors’ ‘shared responsibility model’ requires enterprises to protect their cloud-based data. Veritas’s data management and protection systems provide a fully managed, cost-friendly, and automated backup-as-a-service (BaaS) driven by a single interface for applications running on SaaS.

With Backup Exec, Veritas makes it easier for companies to balance their operations by providing them with data recovery and backup services. Backup Exec generates a quick and accessible solution that saves sensitive and critical data from being lost, stolen, or damaged. Backup Exec allows companies to recover their data in its original condition in case of data loss. Since data management requires room for constant growth, this product provides scalability and adapts to new changes cost-effectively.

Veritas uses its NetBackup software with fast-operating servers and storage technology to create cyberattack-resilient and enterprise-class data protection systems. Its complete lifecycle support at the installation and centralized approach strengthen protection across every server and platform.

Located in California, USA, Veritas’s services extend around the globe. It has assisted multiple companies in managing data storage, protection, and organization. Steelcase, a leading furniture manufacturing company, required reliable and fast data protection and recovery systems to minimize the damage inflicted by cybercrimes and natural disasters.

Veritas NetBackup and NetBackup Appliance Solution offered Steelcase a resilient, easy-to-navigate, and centralized management system. The NetBackup solution accelerated Steelcase’s data recovery process, prevented cybercrimes, and reduced the impact of cyberattacks on the company’s manufacturing functions.