Vetrya – The Digital Transformation Company

Customer environments are constantly evolving and becoming increasingly complex. Managing these diverse cloud environments while ensuring uncompromising security across the entire organization, and offering the flexibility for development, are crucial for an organization’s success.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of cloud computing solutions, and companies around the world became aware that the era of digital transformation had actually begun, with the seamless merging of business and technological strategies.

“It is a unique opportunity to rebuild a better world than we had before the pandemic. Expanding the value of the company means everything: the well-being of people, the impact on the environment, greater inclusiveness. In this future, there is our Business Unit: Vetrya Cloud.”, says Luca Tomassini, the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Vetrya.

Vetrya is a reputed global leader in many sectors, including the media, mobile services, advertising, entertainment, design, digital industry, big data, and cloud computing, to name a few.

The company’s mission is rooted in technological innovation, and it promotes the success of its customers by introducing innovation throughout the value chain. The platform offers a wide range of cloud computing services and solutions for major telecom operators, industrial groups, media companies, financial services, utilities, and retail companies.

The advent of cloud computing solutions simulated a sharp increase in the availability of data for businesses. The solutions equipped providers worldwide with the ability to deploy the computing and storage power required to collect, store, and analyze data more efficiently.

This, in turn, has provided organizations with preemptive insights, thus enabling them to respond quickly to forces beyond their control. Vetrya Cloud is a Microsoft Azure-based service that helps companies tackle data management challenges smoothly and securely while giving them the flexibility to innovate anywhere in a hybrid environment.

Vetrya designs and develops customized cloud solutions, both public and private or hybrid. Its strategic partnership with Microsoft helps it derive maximum business value, develop innovative solutions, and make the most of Azure performance.

Vetrya’s Hybrid Cloud solutions help dynamically manage machines and resources by leveraging the benefits offered by on-demand, pay-per-use, and as-a-service patterns. Based on the needs, priorities, and hierarchies of activities, Vetrya strives to create an ideal combination that can be programmed with hybrid cloud computing, hence modulating a scalable, well-performing, and software-defined data center.

In the market, Vetrya Cloud is an exceptional Modern System Integrator that’s focused on the enhancement of Microsoft technologies, such as Azure, EM + S, and Office 365, to solve the problems of modern organizations.

The solution guides digital transitions through customizable Microsoft Cloud platforms that cater to specific customer needs. The strategic lines with which Vetrya assists its customers can be divided into two broad areas – Cloud Next and Cloud Restart.

Cloud Next is the perfect solution for organizations that already have an approach to a cloud system, such as Lift & Shift or IaaS. It provides an opportunity for companies to take a step further to explore the complete potential of cloud computing and consists of unique solutions, services, and applications that aren’t available otherwise.

The Cloud Restart solution is proposed for those organizations that are yet to incorporate cloud-based systems or foster digital transformation in their workflows. It guides organizations to evolve with an innovative perspective, which is necessary to restart in the ‘new normal’ situation that was proliferated by the pandemic.

Businesses face extremely demanding challenges every day amid the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Vetrya, with its cloud computing solutions dedicated to tackling these challenges, can support this delicate moment of transition and guide companies towards digital transformation.

“Our commitment is to ensure the business continuity of companies in a period of rapid change. The need to work differently due to limitations or to achieve cost savings have made digital transformation a priority. “, says Luca Tomassini.

In line with this vision, Vetrya has mapped out a strategic innovation path in the cloud environment. “Cloud technology is a priority for us, a fundamental element for everything our customers have to do to become digital companies. Our goal on this type of offer is to support companies in using dedicated cloud services for their market, regardless of size or sector. “, states Luca Tomassini.

Vetrya undoubtedly has extensive experience in the world of cloud computing and helps its customers navigate through the cloud, to face complex and critical challenges, whether it is related to infrastructure, development, security, compliance, or managed services.

The company helps organizations obtain the maximum value from the best technological platforms, make the most of data, and strengthen all activities with security, hence leading the way towards digital transformation.