ViewAR – All-in-One AR System: Create, Manage, Test and Publish AR Apps

The AR/VR industry has seen some excitement in recent years, and VIEWAR is one of the primary reasons behind it. Established to make AR technology accessible to all regardless of any persons or organizations technical skillset, VIEWAR brings the future to its users.

The VIEWAR System lets developers, and inexperienced creators, use cutting-edge AR technologies to create immersive AR experiences across a broad range of domains,” says Markus Meixner, CEO of VIEWAR.

Making way for people to create their AR apps easily inside a web application, this all-in-one AR system makes it easy for non-developers to build apps with the help of templates. Also, the VIEWAR System allows source code access that enables maximum customization flexibility for developers with experience in JavaScript.

Key features of the system, such as multiplatform support, web-browser support, and simplified CSS styling, demystify the layman’s app development process. These features also render app development a more effortless and cost efficient procedure.

The best example of VIEWAR’s exceptional work comes from INDOAR, an indoor navigation technology. Bagging an AUGGIE Award nomination, INDOAR is the creation that uses immersive technology with additional information, video, AR content, and unique AR guided tours to add unforgettable experiences to any existing physical venue.

Without the need for expensive hardware, INDOAR helps users optimize their routes and always find the quickest way around any location. Businesses and venues can update their location within the INDOAR navigation system, simplifying the challenging task of indoor navigation in complex buildings such as modern airports, shopping malls, factories, large office buildings, museums, cruise ships, and hospitals.

With VIEWAR’S indoor navigation, visualizing digital content aids in guiding people through the shortest way possible to their destination. The system can also create a predefined route and lead users around any building in a guided tour.

VIEWAR’s one-of-a-kind hardware-free indoor navigation application has state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology responsible for its success over the years. These on-the-move assistants utilize live AR positioning to track users by analyzing the user’s digital twin’s movements and behavior. With only the help of a user’s smart device, the system accurately locates the position of specific objects. It calculates the user’s position to draw up an interactive destination guide.

The most extraordinary undertaking of VIEWAR, along with INDOAR, is the indoor navigation system at the Technical Museum in Vienna. In partnership with the museum, VIEWAR is enhancing the visitor experience with the help of a creative and interactive navigation system. Being the world’s most extensive indoor navigation system on 20,000 square meters (200,000 square feet), the visitors can access as many exhibits and locations in the museum as they desire without getting lost or confused.

The Augmented Reality localization and positioning transform a regular museum trip into a novel experience for the visitors and the museum. VIEWAR implemented the system into the museum app in April 2021. Displaying points of interest, exhibitions, and critical checkpoints at the museum, guests can create a personalized tour on the app or use the existing tour guide to explore the location.

The AR/VR technology is relatively new, and creators realize its hidden potential. VIEWAR thinks ahead of its contemporaries and has already resolved the obstacles that creators face in the niche. As the INDOAR system suggests, VIEWAR is intent on creating technology that is convenient and engaging at the same time.

After making waves in the industry, VIEWAR is on its way to becoming the top dog in leading clients through finding reliable solutions for indoor navigation. With innovative thinking and ongoing research and development, VIEWAR aims to scale greater heights in the coming years.