VIMAAN – 100% Accurate Inventory Tracking & Management

Navigating the transformation to meet evolving business needs presents a myriad of challenges to companies across all industries. However, in the warehousing and logistics sector, Vimaan has emerged as the front-runner, spearheading the development of leading-edge digital twin solutions that deliver unprecedented insights on constantly changing inventory data.

Vimaan’s pioneering efforts have earned it the distinction of being the first computer vision company to receive investment from Amazon through its Industrial Innovation Fund. As the operator of the world’s busiest warehouses and fulfillment centers, Amazon recognized the potential value of Vimaan’s solutions in addressing common inventory tracking challenges within warehouse operations. Since 2017, Vimaan has remained at the forefront, continuously innovating and deploying computer vision and machine learning technology to support the demanding inventory tracking needs of globally recognized brands, retail leaders, and many of the top 50 3PLs.

Recognizing the pressing need for improved inventory accuracy and streamlined operations, companies have turned to Vimaan solutions to enhance their warehouse efficiencies. By making the transition from labor-intensive processes to Vimaan’s automated inventory tracking technology, businesses have successfully addressed the challenges of high labor costs, stalled workflows, delayed customer shipments, and costly chargebacks and write-offs. This strategic shift has become imperative in tackling the challenges associated with high turnover rates and labor dependency. The frequent turnover of employees not only leads to increased recruitment and training expenses but also disrupts operations, diminishes productivity, and compromises quality of customer service.

Among Vimaan’s standout solutions is PalletSCAN, a versatile family of pallet scanning solutions designed to support the inbound and outbound requirements of the most active warehouses and distribution centers. PalletSCAN empowers warehouses to automatically and efficiently scan 1-5 sides of pallets and other bulked goods, capture dimensions (and weights) while slashing processing times by up to 95%. These solutions ensure the validation of incoming and outgoing pallets in near real-time, enabling warehouses to swiftly identify and address inconsistencies before goods enter or exit the facility.

The PalletSCAN product family represents the pinnacle of versatility in pallet scanning solutions. It furnishes warehouses with actionable, real-time data for both incoming and outgoing pallets, simplifying the tracking process. Recognizing the varying pallet scanning requirements across warehouses, the PalletSCAN suite offers a comprehensive range of data capture capabilities, including unprecedented drive-through pallet dimensioning. PalletSCAN joins several other popular offerings from Vimaan including StorTRACK, an automated cycle counting solution that improves warehouse inventory accuracy levels while reducing headcount requirements by over 70%. Utilizing Vimaan solutions, warehouses now have access to true digital twins of their inventory.  Like an online street-view of their warehouses, customers can zoom out to see a picture of an entire shelf  or all the way in to read a 3-millimeter font-size alphanumeric SKU on a small case.

Our products were born out of the needs of our customers. Instead of engineering solutions looking for a problem, we use real-world inventory management challenges to drive our product strategies. — S.K. (“KG”) Ganapathi, CEO & Founder

The Vimaan team maintains a strong commitment to advancing computer vision solutions for the warehouse industry. The company maintains a steady focus on its product roadmap, steadily introducing new features that directly address the real-world challenges faced by its customers. In recognition of these impactful endeavors, Vimaan was honored as a 2023 Cool Vendor in Logistics by Gartner.

The expansion of Vimaan’s pallet scanning products serves as a prime example of this customer-centric approach, as each enhancement is carefully crafted to meet evolving needs. Notably, Vimaan’s ability to deliver ROI in months, compared to the years for other warehouse automation solutions, highlights its dedication to providing swift and impactful results. Vimaan’s customer base continues to expand while generating a return on investment (ROI) that outpaces most warehouse automation solutions by threefold.