Virtucom – provides personalized EdTech solutions & services to K-12 school systems across the country

In an era of constantly changing education and technology, Virtucom creates an impactful network of technology, education, and K-12 school systems. Since its establishment in 1995, Virtucom has almost thirty years of experience partnering with schools to improve the quality and outcomes of education using the latest and advanced technologies.

Recognizing that each student has unique needs, Virtucom offers adaptable learning solutions that transform the EdTech ecosystem. These solutions are designed to meet and anticipate the evolving needs of K-12 schools, providing a personalized learning approach that is effective both today and in the future. With the support of its team of EdTech experts, Virtucom optimizes every district’s personalized learning programs, making learning engaging and simple for teachers and learners alike.

Virtucom’s personalized learning solution is built on three pillars: ensuring device distribution, which involves equipping both students and teachers with state-of-the-art devices to enhance the learning experience; offering lifecycle management, a system that helps schools keep track of their device inventories and ensures education remains accessible; and providing support and protection, thereby resolving any technology issues that may arise so that students can learn without interruption. It’s a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of personalized learning.

Collaborative learning is the key to ensuring the best outcomes for students. Virtucom deploys various collaborative EdTech tools, such as digital whiteboards and VR headsets, to make the classrooms interactive. These state-of-the-art devices transform the classrooms and create unique learning experiences.

In addition to collaborative and personalized learning solutions, Virtucom understands print technology’s importance, even in the digital era. Schools require printing and imaging devices to ensure seamless learning. Virtucom revolutionizes learning experiences by equipping instructors with a wide range of classroom, workgroup, and large-format printers built by industry experts. Furthermore, not only does Virtucom provide printing services, but the company also performs preventative maintenance to ensure smooth functioning and eliminate potential challenges.

At Virtucom, we are committed to cultivating a collaborative learning culture in schools. We offer a customizable range of solutions to promote industry-wide collaborative learning products. — Jenny Tang, Founder & CEO

What drives Virtucom ahead of the curve is its understanding of the current technological sphere and how it can be harnessed to enhance learning and develop critical skills in students. Considering this, Virtucom provides eSports solutions that adopt a video game-oriented learning approach to hone learners’ problem-solving and communication skills and promote teamwork. It helps students prepare for higher studies after school and accelerate their career advancement in various fields, from computer science to hardware engineering.

Regardless of the industry, cybersecurity tools are the cornerstone of every sector, especially in the education sector, where potential threats are increasing alarmingly, such as releasing sensitive student data to extort money or bullying students. Virtucom offers cybersecurity solutions that protect systems by securing data. The company’s cybersecurity solutions safeguard sensitive data, ensuring a secure user experience. Moreover, Virtucom also devises action plans and creates processes and guidelines to respond immediately during data breaches or cybersecurity emergencies.

As a leading, innovative EdTech company, Virtucom also extends professional services and K-12-centered ADP plans that comply with industry standards and ensure continuous learning for both educators and learners. Along with a myriad of solutions, Virtucom also offers outsourced IT services and allocates resources to educational institutions to simplify complex learning processes. Furthermore, the company streamlines end-to-end school operations, from upgrading software to removing outdated hardware, ensuring administrative staff and teachers can use their time and resources to help students.

Virtucom is a pioneer in combining education and technology. The company emphasizes the importance of holistic learning and delivers comprehensive solutions to public and private schools and districts. Located in Georgia, USA, Virtucom assists institutions across the country and has helped over 3.6 million students access the latest educational technology and forge an exemplary career path.