VirtuIT Systems- Managed IT Support and Services

Every enterprise requires an innovative interface, exceptional management, and robust solutions to run a business—all of which VirtuIT Systems provides. In the current era of modernization and digitization, managing data for better results and customer relationships is essential. As a leading VMware partner, VirtuIT Systems provides data harnessing, system integration, and consultancy services.

Data is at the root of a successful business. With enterprises collecting data from multiple sources, the acquired information often becomes obsolete due to the need for more data management resources. VirtuIT Systems equips its clients with advanced tools and services for managing and securing their data. VirtuIT Systems creates products that support storage, protection, disaster recovery, backup, and virtualization.

VirtuIT Systems emphasizes the need for a solid cloud and virtual framework. Launched in 2006, the company combines its decades of expertise with knowledge and insights to help its clients thrive over their competitors. Every enterprise has a unique business model and different needs, which VirtuIT Systems understands. The company creates tailored and customized solutions for each client per their needs and expectations.

VirtuIT Systems executes a calculated and well-thought-out strategy to attain business objectives with a precise and thorough methodology. It considers time constraints, resources, and the environment to prepare a clear and effective plan, optimize IT systems, empower clients, and generate high investment returns.

Employees and customers may come and go, but without the data and systems required to run the business, you probably don’t have a business to run,” said Michael Murphy, Founder and President of VirtuIT Systems.

VirtuIT Systems delivers its promise of managing and securing data to various industries, including education, finance, government, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, non-profit, pharmaceutical, and real estate. With the sole mission of making data easily manageable and accessible, VirtuIT Systems offers three IT solutions: managed services provider, project-based services, and hosted cloud services.

VirtuIT Systems provides cost-effective IT management, maintenance, and protection services with its managed IT support solution. Desktop-managed services allow clients to increase employee performance without worrying about technical challenges. This feature keeps desktop applications secure, fixes OS updates, maintains an active directory, enables endpoint security, and accelerates the onboarding process.

On the other hand, enterprise-managed services allow companies to use technology as an investment and reap its benefits comfortably and conveniently. It provides proactive management and monitoring, generates transparent data results, offers technical help, mitigates security threats, and leverages automation.

VirtuIT Systems’ project-based services focus on IT upgradation, services, and consulting. VirtuIT Systems collaborates with top industry technological partners for VMware virtualization, duo security, hardware storage, servers and networking, and security operation centers. VirtuIT Systems manages, maintains, and protects its client’s networks quickly and efficiently with its professional IT services.

Using a customer-driven approach, VirtuIT Systems adapts to its client’s individual expectations and creates a model for seamlessly integrating internal staff and on-site IT teams. It empowers organizations and lets them run their businesses without network and infrastructure delays. VirtuIT Systems’ process-centered IT consulting allows enterprises to review their current environment, draw comparisons, and map a plan of action for further improvement.

Through its hosted cloud services, VirtuIT Systems enhances the cloud experience. The company provides Office 360 Backup tools to create data backups of Exchange 365 Online, Exchange Server 2013-2019, 365 SharePoint Online, and SharePoint Server 2016-2019 to the VirtuIT cloud. Powered by Veeam Software, VirtuIT Systems manages multiple backup cycles simultaneously, provides data insights, and replicates relevant data.

VirtuIT Systems believes in assisting all enterprises, regardless of size, industry, or requirements. One of VirtuIT System’s clients, NAFCO, a Maryland seafood wholesaler, needed a robust IT infrastructure and cloud system to meet its business needs.

Facing challenges with on-premises and cloud backups beyond the standard backup window, NAFCO recorded low productivity and weakening production systems. Its IT structure lacked system controls to monitor and accelerate the backup and recovery operation, resulting in costly and time-consuming processes and data loss.

Using VirtuIT Systems’ VirtuIT Secure, Managed Cloud Storage, and Veeam Availability Suite VM-Based Licensing, NAFCO experienced quick and reliable on-premises and cloud data recovery. VirtuIT Systems’ tools equipped NAFCO with cost-effective cloud storage, eliminated hidden fees, implemented unmatched data security, and provided complete system control.