Vitalograph – A Global Leader In Respiratory Expertise

The WHO report, The Global Impact of Respiratory Diseases, 2017, estimated that nearly 65 million people suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and 334 million from asthma globally. The world observes 10 million tuberculosis cases and loses around 1.6 million individuals to lung cancer every year.

The healthcare sector relies on the dictum, “earlier the diagnosis, more favorable the prognosis.” Hence, the spiked-up burden of respiratory diseases due to their increasing severity demands advanced digital methods with precise diagnostic results in addition to authentic data management.

To assist doctors and improve the management of respiratory diseases worldwide, Vitalograph delivers world-class cardio-respiratory diagnostic devices, including spirometers, lung & asthma monitors, COPD screeners, and multiple varieties of medical workstations.

Vitalograph gauged the importance of data much earlier than the world did. It patented its first “Vitalograph Spirotrac Software” way back in 1980. Currently, the company owns some of the most robust software of medical sciences that merges clinical vitals and diagnostic reports to produce fast, accurate results.

Clinical trials have been the backbone of the medical sector, the foremost tools for identifying etiology and designing the treatment. Vitalograph augments them via its centralized project management software that offers real-time backup and resilient security systems.

The company is one of a kind that has shown massive support to researchers and respiratory physiologists worldwide. Besides the technical support, it also formulates special teams consisting of project managers, software developers, and other associates to identify the imperfections in a scientific study and provide the medical investigators with the best solutions.

Irrespective of the stream, successful results require quality assurance and compliance with legal and ethical guidelines. Vitalograph has been keen on its submission to yearly audits by FDA, ICH-GP6(International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) GCP guidelines for clinical trial), ISO 13845(Quality management guidelines for medical devices and software), and ISO 27001(framework for managing the security of customer, company and personal data.).

“To improve patient lives through supporting our customers and partners by designing and manufacturing market-leading products and services. This is a mission we take very seriously, and our employees live and breathe it daily. Due to the respiratory effects of COVID-19, we are doubling our efforts to ensure we can fulfill our mission and help those in most need at this time.”, states Frank Keane, CEO of Vitalograph. The company stood alongside the world in the fight against COVID-19 by providing validated spirometry hygiene solutions (Bacterial Viral Filters with 99.99% efficiency) and remote monitoring devices.

Furthermore, Vitalograph has been an active advocate for climate concerns and community welfare. It constantly revives its manufacturing processes to minimize plastic consumption in development and packaging and maximizes the use of biodegradable materials to reduce its carbon footprints.

Since its inception, the company has been committed to the upliftment of the community. It has led to various initiatives to provide financial and humane support to local people. One of the most recent programs was the Lung Force Glam in collaboration with American Lung Association(ALA), where the company’s staff raised $100,000 for patients with lung diseases in Kansas.

Lately, the company has been in the news for its benevolent donations of cardio-respiratory equipment and contribution to The Fresh Air Project in Kyrgyzstan, Uganda, Vietnam, and Goa, India.

From a simple beginning with an office spirometer to combat pneumoconiosis in coal miners to developing innovative respiratory diagnostic devices, regulating clinical trials for leading biotech companies and research organizations, and leveraging data management with its software, Vitalograph has been sincerely serving humanity for the last 59 years.