VitelGlobal Communications – Cloud-based Business Phone Solutions

The pandemic proved that communication and collaboration were key components to boost productivity within an organization. In times of crisis, disruption of a constant channel of communication can be fatal to operations, and VitelGlobal Communications aims to equip its customers with solutions that will prevent such situations.

The company describes its services such as its Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies as valuable tools that no organization should do without in the present or in the post-pandemic future.

When it comes to business communication, most establishments only think of basic systems, expenses, and ease of use. VitelGlobal tries to convey that a Cloud PBX system can transform how daily business communication is viewed by businesses.

With a variety of cost-effective phone features to help maintain a well-organized communication system in a business environment, VitelGlobal empowers its customers to make and take business calls from anywhere, using any internet device.

By providing promising solutions such as Business Cloud Voice, API Integration, Text, Video Conferencing to its clients, VitelGlobal strives to improve its service, and ultimately have a satisfied customer base. With more than ten years of experience in operational business, the establishment has strong relationships with technological partners across the world, equipping them with the competitive advantage to fulfil all the business needs of a client.

In terms of both engineering and art, VitelGlobal’s solutions are the epitome of excellence. Given that the voice and data market is huge and offers numerous options, not all the products available may give a company exactly what it requires. VitelGlobal modifies its services based on the evaluation of the client’s constraints and needs.

With a network that is situated in a state-of-art and highly secure data center, along with multiple power resources and service providers, these systems have promising up-time. “VitelGlobal is way ahead of its competitors in the cloud communication industry with complete global cloud communication and collaboration solutions,” says Praveen Andapalli, the CEO of VitelGlobal Communications.

With features like All-in-One Cloud Communication, global deployment, secure, reliable, and easy integration with Business-Critical Apps, remote deployment, text messaging, team messaging, video collaboration, and a 24/7 customer support all of which ensure cost savings, VitelGlobal elevates the communication capabilities of businesses. These revolutionary features ensure that businesses always remain productive, even on a global scale.


With the services provided by VitelGlobal, the key aspects of run time and installation time are only minutes long, and therefore, highly efficient. In fact, the company’s VoIP connections architecture facilitates the quick installation of hardware and most of the IP phones configure themselves. The installation process is seamless and easy, and any client can utilize the services without the need for expert assistance.

Even for businesses that are not as tech-savvy as today’s world demands, VitelGlobal can be of immense help. Apart from its easy-to-use and flexible system, the company also has an outstanding customer service system that supports the client at every step of the way on any day.

In this smart world, the necessity of mobility is even more, and businesses, teams, partners, and customers want to communicate, collaborate, and connect the way they want on any device, anywhere, anytime. That’s what we do for effective collaborative communications,” envisions Praveen Andapalli

With cost-efficient and simple cloud communication solutions that deliver promising results, VitelGlobal Communications aims to create workspaces that are collaborative, efficient, and productive at the same time.