Viva Creative – Extraordinary Content and Experiences

Saturation has hit the Digital Marketing Sector and agencies are fighting it out to stay afloat. From sophisticated tools to innovative marketing strategies, everyone is trying out their luck with an ever-changing market impacted by emerging trends.

Simple yet elegant changes can be a start. From shifting back to old-school advertising or making changes to pricing structure, companies are opting for innovative changes to stay ahead of the race. What VIVA Creative has managed is to carve out a niche of its own even within a raging pandemic.

As the pandemic crippled the live events industry, VIVA chose to be bold and brave with decisive actions that foster growth for the company. Expanding the services to hosting virtual events with an in-house digital team designing UI/UX for multiple platforms, VIVA managed to be ready for a future that is yet around the corner.

Headed by the brainpower of a talented lot who understand the necessity of integrity in a flexible market, VIVA continues to inspire with its game-changing moves that have mesmerized industry watchers. Trust, transparency, and quality unhindered, they surged ahead of their nearest competitors while gaining a foothold over several visual media enterprises. A truly experiential design dedicated agency, the woman and minority-owned business have been dipping their fingers into all branches of visual media – from event coverage to marketing and communications, from digital development to content production for television.

As competitors struggle to establish loyal clientele, VIVA has chosen to bypass common topics and prove to be a trailblazer, case in point the Cherry Blossom Festival where a canceled event was successfully created into alive coverage extravaganza as people vicariously lived and breathed the colors and shades of an Autumn about to bid goodbye.

Focussing to tailor their clientele needs and providing high-end content that helps the target audience identify, resonate and recall brand entities, VIVA has managed to hit the biggest corporates across the globe with an engaging pitch they could not possibly say no to.

Data has consistently been playing a keen role in helping Digital Marketing Companies chart new waters; incorporating marketing data into pitches, social media posts, and editorials are bound to help companies get noticed as consumers appreciate the transparency in showcasing successes and failures both. A personalized user experience takes nascent steps right here, only to grow in leaps and bounds as has happened with VIVA creative.

The sense of community is held sacred by the company and as such the core group of talent creating magic each day is a happy and passionate lot also who infuse their uplifting energy into the content they so carefully craft for the biggest of companies trying to make a revival of glory days gone by, and the smallest of entrepreneurs ready to take a leap of faith.

The accolades are too many to count for this Digital Marketing Giant that has received kind words from the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. This is in addition to previous compliments from President George W. Bush and President Bill Clinton garnered by the expansive and far-reaching impactful work by VIVA.

Interactive content holds the key to the future of digital marketing and what could be more organic and palpable than the visual media that has helped generations feel alive at the darkest of hours. VIVA has covered the biggest of events that help millions thrive through a shared connection, such as MTV Mental Health Summit, Washington Nationals Baseball, The Oprah Conversation, and the 2020 VMAs, to name just a few.

The strategies employed by VIVA, if integrated by old and new companies alike, could help a struggling sector facing uncertainties deepen its impact and maintain sustainable growth.