Vivo – Business Communication Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way business is conducted. With stay-at-home orders across the globe emerged the need for seamless communication solutions. Factors such as rising demand for seamless and easy-to-use video communication solutions and a developing work-from-home culture around the world are propelling the video conferencing industry forward. Users today can increase productivity, save time, and cut travel costs simply by using this tech.

Due to the complexity of the technology, organizations previously needed to rely on A/V integrators and experts to deploy and integrate video conferencing room systems. The early days of video conferencing were nowhere near what it is today. In this age of technological marvel, things have become much simpler for I.T. teams and end-users. Companies like Vivo Technologies have been delivering services tailor-made to meet modern industry needs.

Vivo Technologies is a comprehensive provider of modern unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions. Vivo’s methodology for creating, installing, and supporting UCC solutions has advanced at the same rate as technology over the previous decade. This has allowed its clientele to stay updated with the industry trends and stay on the right growth trajectory.

Vivo Technologies acts as an IT advisor and works with its clients to discover solutions that suit the latter’s objectives. The company’s typical brainstorming process involves creating a platform strategy first and then assisting its clients with hardware standards.

“Vivo seeks to unleash the power of human potential through superior collaboration. Our team remains focused on innovation and creating better experiences to help keep our customers doing what they are good at while saving them time and resources,” says Spencer Jones, Head of Sales and Marketing.

Vivo Technologies’ has been emphasizing largely on building and sustaining customer relationships, which proved to be one of the key ingredients for its success. But how does the company approach its operations? According to Vivo Technologies’ spokesperson, the organization takes a “brand-agnostic, consultative, solutions-oriented, and customer-centric” approach to work with customers. Identifying its clients’ communication and collaboration difficulties helps Vivo swiftly address those challenges. It provides the necessary solutions that operate well with the platform of choice in a variety of venues, including huddle rooms and boardrooms, corporate executive offices, and home offices. That’s not all, as the organization assists firms with application and hardware design, deployment, and maintenance.

Vivo Technologies also “recommends, purchases, deploys, and maintains” solutions that operate across applications. The IT team ensures that the solutions are simple for both the end-users and administrators. Vivo understands that no company wants to spend too much time adopting new tech. Keeping that in mind, it keeps everything simple, elegant, yet highly effective.

Vivo, since its inception, has been a proponent of software-based room systems. One of the strengths of the organization is its adaptability, which its leadership team should be praised for.

Various research reports have revealed the fact that smaller groups collaborate better than larger ones. Consequently, industry leaders are shifting towards smaller meeting spaces. With the rise of hybrid work schedules, many companies are aiming to outfit many smaller rooms with video technology so that colleagues in the office and those working remotely may engage in real-time. As more rooms are outfitted with video technology, there is a greater demand for standardized solutions rather than customized ones. For consistency and scale across their business, customers are now wanting to design each type of space with the same technology. This can be either an open area, huddle, small, or medium conference room. This is where Vivo Technologies has spotted an opportunity for disruption, which it has been doing with incredible success.

Don’t be surprised to know that it was Vivo Technologies who first started working in the traditional B2B video conferencing industry long before the modern-day demand for such solutions even emerged. When Vivo was founded in 2014, there were gaps between the technology and the technology providers. With Vivo Technologies entering the scene, the video conferencing sector was getting ready to witness never seen before innovation.