Voltaiq – The Leader In Battery Intelligence

In a world where the pulse of progress is electrification, where industries and innovations are seamlessly powered by the energy of the future, a central element is quietly shaping the path to sustainability and innovation—battery technology. Voltaiq, the pioneer in Battery Intelligence, offers cutting-edge solutions to drive businesses toward success in a battery-powered world.

Since its inception in 2012, Voltaiq has emerged as a trusted leader, providing battery intelligence software that empowers businesses to make informed decisions throughout the battery lifecycle. The company focuses on real-time assessments of battery functionality, future performance projections, and meticulous evaluations of product risk. This technology is reshaping how industries approach battery-powered innovation, revolutionizing everything from initial product development to manufacturing and system optimization.

The rise of the electrify-everything revolution necessitates a deep understanding of batteries, which have become the foundation of global transformation. Electric Vehicles (EVs), a pivotal component of this shift, heavily rely on battery performance. Late market entry, recalls, or subpar battery performance can be detrimental, leading to significant financial losses and brand damage. Voltaiq is at the forefront of accelerating the EV industry, protecting launch timelines, mitigating safety incidents and recalls, and optimizing EV warranties and leases. Their platform streamlines the battery development process, automating data management, providing robust battery-centric analytics, and ensuring only high-quality products enter the supply chain.

Battery manufacturers, too, must modernize and optimize to remain competitive in the evolving global market. Voltaiq accelerates production ramp, maximizes quality, and provides full-lifecycle traceability. With the ‘electrify everything’ era in full swing, battery suppliers can’t afford to rely on outdated manual methods to manage and analyze battery data. The potential consequences of such reliance are significant, as product warranty liability flows up to battery suppliers. Voltaiq is the only software solution tailored to the specific needs of battery manufacturers, accelerating the testing of new materials, analyzing data from different test equipment and facilities globally, and improving quality reporting to end customers.

At Voltaiq, we’re fueling the ‘electrify everything’ revolution by embedding battery mastery into your organization’s DNA, driving innovation and exceptional energy solutions forward. — Tal Sholklapper, Co-Founder, and CEO

Voltaiq ensures the battery’s reliability for consumer electronics and the Internet of Things (IoT), where product lifecycles are measured in months and validation of battery performance is essential, Its platform automates the entire data management flow, provides powerful battery-centric analytics, and ensures only high-quality products enter the supply chain. By streamlining vendor management, identifying test issues early, meeting specific design requirements, and understanding in-use trends that impact warranty claims, Voltaiq supports businesses in maintaining product integrity and brand reputation.

Medical device companies, facing significant regulations, rising costs, and complex approval processes, turn to Voltaiq to intelligently harness disparate sources of battery data to ensure product safety and reliability. The importance of reliable and safe battery-powered medical devices cannot be overstated, making Voltaiq a key partner in driving innovation for these crucial devices. By decreasing battery test cycle times, reducing the cost of regulatory reporting, and identifying manufacturing issues with real-time analytics, Voltaiq helps mitigate product risks, ultimately leading to safer medical devices in the market.

Energy storage systems, with their complexity and vast amount of data, require real-time, data-driven insights into battery health and system performance. Voltaiq empowers energy storage owners and operators to design, commission, and operate systems that meet demanding requirements and operate reliably for years.

Grid-scale battery storage systems come with their unique challenges, and Voltaiq helps address these challenges by improving validation, meeting specific design specifications with precision, identifying and addressing problems during commissioning, and monitoring the health of battery assets and systems in real-time.

Voltaiq’s contribution to the battery intelligence landscape is nothing short of groundbreaking. It is shaping industries and propelling the electrification movement forward. As the electric future unfolds, Voltaiq is enabling businesses to navigate the complexities of battery-powered technologies with confidence and expertise.