VR Vision – Enterprise VR Training Solutions

VR Vision is a company that aims to provide extended-reality solutions for enterprises. Furthermore, they curate complete, end-to-end Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) training solutions through different modes such as live instruction forms, virtual web-based Learning Management Systems (LMS), or in the form of cut bits of audio and video tutorials. An effective combination of all three modes enables an immersive experience of learning and flexibility in training sessions.

With VR solutions building up their relevance in practically every corner of the market, the top seven industries for enterprise AR/VR are education and training, healthcare, construction and real estate, manufacturing and logistics, automotive/transport, retail and eCommerce, the gaming industry, and many more. With its involvement in almost every business sector, VR solutions develop applications that have real-world uses and create awareness amongst staff and consumers.

VR Vision, currently headquartered in Toronto, Canada, has a diverse group of people working for them who are no less than dreamers in the virtual reality metaverse. An innovative team dedicated to creating a culture of freethinking and the seamless collaboration of the digital and the physical world, VR Vision offers you turnkey solutions that use AR to develop simulations for real-world scenarios in the form of wearable AR, mobile AR, and projected AR. Wearable AR solutions help ease complex concepts into comprehensive, intelligible ones ​​in real-time for training or engineering needs, reaching a larger audience for either marketing or training functionality and much more.

VR Vision and its executive team are on a mission to actualize an optimized integration of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions with on-field problems. VR Vision can turn heads because of its unique services such as VR experiential marketing that has real-time advantages to lower overheads and other business expenses. Millennials can visualize and experience following through a product lineup. VR Vision’s use cases such as IEP Technologies, Access Machinery, and CPA Canada are now able to usher a new meaning to customer experience and guest engagement that is much more immersive and interactive. By enabling sales empowerment, businesses can increase their efficacy and let their potential clients ideate them as technology leaders in their industries.

VR Vision is a prodigy in their industry because of their products that allow them to create 360° video productions that can greatly amplify flexibility and make your application a highly interactive platform, be it software, website, or social media profile. VR Vision has been successful in widening its boundaries by also providing services that aid in integrating extended reality with mobile and web applications. By enhancing applications with AR and VR functionality, VR Vision is working relentlessly to come up with an advanced feature to create simulations seamlessly with 360° video production.

VR Vision also provides services to build what they call companion apps. These apps allow their use cases to reach a much larger audience by making the same content created in VR reconfigured to make it accessible as a mobile application or a website.

“Our mission is not to simply make world-class experiential solutions easy & accessible but to prepare organizations for the future. The path to digital innovation is ever evolving. This is why we place a focus on the journey before the destination,” said Roni Cerga, CEO and Co-Founder of VR Vision. 

VR Vision continues to be a passionate business leader that implements strategies and helps shape world-class offerings by utilizing cutting-edge cross-functional growth strategies. VR Vision is rooted in strong principles and fundamentals that have made smart investments in accumulating a diverse organizational culture and ensuring high-quality products.