Working Solutions – Contact Center BPO

Working Solutions is an exemplary example of a flourishing contact center company that its diverse client base can count on. Based in Dallas, Texas, the on-demand service provider has delivered sustained, omnichannel customer experience (CX) services for a quarter of a century and is still going strong.

Currently, some of the biggest trends in the contact center space are automated self-service and its integration with live agents, coupled with rising consumer expectations. Anticipating these needs, Working Solutions invests in automation technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to speed the business along and satisfy customers with simple solutions.

Beyond that, customers expect personalized service. To ensure flawless experiences, Working Solutions also takes a blended approach, where intelligent agents (IA) step in to deal with complex issues when auto-commands won’t work.

The company goes the extra mile in this aspect by recruiting and educating agents who are more sophisticated and tech-savvy. Working Solutions ups the ante on its caliber of agents by making sure they are well-versed in clients’ businesses to fulfill customer demands.

“Be the ball.”

Its solutions include customer service, sales and back-office support. They address everyday business needs, intra-day and intra-week flexibility, and unexpected events, such as remote customer care during the pandemic.

Recruiting and retaining contact center workers in an industry wrought with high turnover is exacerbated for companies today. Working Solutions effectively solves this issue, with a ready reserve of skilled agents well-versed in multiple industries, including consumer services/retail, travel/hospitality, utilities and telehealth.

Its experienced leadership guides a network of more than 150,000+ remote agents throughout the United States and Canada. Together, these leaders—from recruiting to onboarding to operations—immerse agents in a client’s culture and business, making them extensions of the brand they represent.

Today’s Challenges

These days, climate change is throwing businesses hard-to-hit curveballs, with interrupted service and staffing issues. Such unpredictability may stretch a company’s resources thin. This is why customer care needs to be virtual, operating outside of harm’s way, with rapid-response capabilities.

Working Solutions’ on-demand solutions are proven to be optimal to address these challenges, now and in the long run. Its mobile, modern workforces can shift resources as storms or wildfires rage, forcing brick-and-mortar call centers to be evacuated.

With a long view on service excellence, the company infuses its offerings with constant innovation, industry knowledge and client-driven strategies. This never-rest approach merges best practices with new-age thinking, while providing the business continuity that companies must have to thrive.

To stay in touch with this ever-changing universe, you must ‘be the ball’ to quote Chevy Chase’s character, Ty Webb, in the movie, Caddyshack. This requires having a fluid business model and a responsive workforce that shift as circumstances dictate.

Says Kim Houlne

President and chief executive

Working Solutions’ real-world insight enables it to pivot for clients, old and new. That capacity came to the fore during the pandemic as prospective clients approached the company for the first time as their on-site call centers and offices closed.

Working Solutions quickly stepped in, onboarding hundreds of agents to fill the gap, supplying sustained customer care until things settled down.

The company also strives to anticipate customer needs before the situation becomes dire. It does so by educating its teams in a client’s customer base and business through virtual classrooms taught by college-educated educators. Such high-level, client-focused learning improves service quality and delivery.

Outside Investment

Working Solutions’ vision for the future is to build on its inherent strength of excellent service while reaching out to new markets and geographies. To that end, it received significant investment from Housatonic Partners, a private-equity firm focused on growth companies.

This will further fund Working Solutions’ tools and technology automation, accelerated by on-demand service trends, says Houlne, the company’s founder.

It also fuels the company’s rapid expansion into evolving markets, including telehealth, and new geographies, opening up with high-speed internet access. This move further integrates with Working Solutions’ AI-IA capabilities, elevating its business process outsourcing (BPO) sales and service.

By creating a customized workforce in a client’s image, Working Solutions offers scalable solutions that combine empathetic care with on-demand responsiveness. That’s how the company has defined industry leadership over the past 25 years, making virtual viable for hundreds of clients and millions of their customers.