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While the whole world is appreciating the courage and determination of frontline workers in a global pandemic, the significance of laboratory workflows has also come to light.

LIMS, or laboratory information management systems, can enhance lab efficiency and productivity. It can help in process development, research, manufacturing operations, and tracking data for experiments, samples, laboratory workflows, and instruments. However, many laboratories are spending exorbitant amounts and sparing a lot of resources to continue using paper-based methods or using obsolete and outdated LIMS. This is where Xybion Digital stands out from the rest.

Xybion Digital has a unique approach towards unifying all the laboratory processes, from staff and facilities to instruments and dataflows. It is built for both laboratory personnel and laboratory executives, alike, by subject-matter experts with decades of practical experience. It helps create a single view for internal users as well as external partners for most effective collaborations.

Xybion offers Labwise XD as one of the leading LIMS across the globe. It focuses on unifying the lab environment and supports end-to-end business process management (BPM) for better performance and compliance. The platform can adapt to all laboratory needs, including quality control, CAR-T, diagnostic labs, preclinical drug discovery, stability, analytical, and quickly adapt to emerging needs.

Currently, Xybion is trusted by 160 satisfied clients across 29 countries, including innovative pharmaceutical leaders including Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Novo Nordisk, and several large organizations including the US FDA, and the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. All top 20 global biopharmaceutical companies trust Xybion Digital for their LIMS and other requirements. It is easy to deploy in any location, irrespective of the company size, the number of site locations, study size, user count, and integration with existing infrastructure. Xybion’s digital LIMS enables fully remote or hybrid work across laboratory departments. It also offers complete, secure, and compliant data management with 21 CFR Part 11, HL7, GDPR and HIPAA compliance

The best part about trusting Xybion is its low-code, cloud-based technology that enhances flexibility, productivity, offers scalability, and ensures data integrity. The low-code technology platform allows businesses to transform digitally with sophisticated agile software without much technical expertise required to migrate from several software systems and paper-based methodologies to Xybion’s proprietary cloud-based platform that replaces all disparate laboratory systems.

Labwise XD uses premium, information security best practices including geo-restrictions and controlled access. It also enables scheduling, recording, and auditing options for all maintenance procedures. Likewise, it further reduces data entry errors with streamlined automation and validations. Labwise XD can track people qualifications to carry out their tasks and its instrument/equipment calibration module provides equipment compliance as well.

Xybion Digital approaches lab digitalization by addressing the key challenges that hinder a digital and paperless shift through its unique streamlined approach to optimal lab productivity. Furthermore, it greatly reduces the cost of digital transformation by replacing many products with an all-in-one, comprehensive system used by the leading laboratories, across the United States and the world. Due to IT system consolidation, Xybion takes pride in their ability to offer significant cost reductions while improving efficiencies and improved laboratory visibility into key laboratory workflows and reduction of cycle times.

Our cloud-based and easy to configure lab execution solution reduces the burden of buying multiple laboratory systems or displaces several existing systems with one platform to simplify lab IT ecosystem. This increases user happiness and reduces IT operations cost,” says Kamal Biswas, President, and COO.

To meet business and compliance requirements, companies need to buy several systems, such as quality management systems (QMS), document management systems (DMS), electronic lab notebooks (ELN), instrument and calibration management, data management, compliance, and analytics systems in addition to a standard LIMS. Xybion Digital works on the principle that laboratory solutions should be simpler, easy to implement, and manage while improving the productivity and efficiency of labs and their personnel by combining all required systems into one place.

With its unified solution encompassing the regulated industries, Xybion Digital accelerates the unique proposition of every business. Xybion places service to its clients as the core of its mission and strives to innovate and deliver the highest quality laboratory platform.

When it comes to LIMS, a trusted name that can reduce enterprise risk, enhance efficiency in business processes, and maintain lab data integrity is the best choice. And Xybion Digital is the global leader of innovations and development across all the available LIMS platforms.